Saturday, October 27, 2007

Herald News endorsements for School Committee

Yesterday the Herald News published their endorsements for the school committee race. They have endorsed:

Kevin Aguiar
Mark Costa
Tim McCoy
Michael Ramos
Marilyn Roderick
Ronald Silva

Lefty's view: I personally find who the Herald didn't endorse more interesting than who they did. The Herald has endorsed 4 out of the 5 incumbents that are seeking reelection. The only candidate seeking reelection that the Herald didn't endorse was Shawn Cadime. I have to wonder why. Was Cadime's first term that much of a disappointment?

The Herald has endorsed two newcomers, Michael Ramos and Ronald Silva. My first impression is who are these guys? I'm not sure if I've seen them out on the trail. I'm not sure what they bring to the table. After reading the write up on Ramos I'm interested and I have to agree that he might make a good addition to the committee. However after reading the endorsement for Ronald Silva, I'm just confused.

The Herald speaks highly of Mr. Silva's background in vocational education and believes that he should be given the chance to infuse some of that background in the Fall River School Department. However, another candidate, Joe Martins, is the former superintendent and director of Diman. The concepts, strategies, and policies that Mr. Silva touts are all things that Mr. Martins had a hand in putting in place. If, like Mr. Silva believes, the success that Diman has had can be applied to the Fall River school system then I think we should want to elect the man that was key to that success. Wouldn't that be Joe Martins?

Although I think some of the candidates the Herald endorsed are excellent choices, I think overall they may have missed the mark.

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