Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guest Bloggers

The great thing about blogging is that it gives me an outlet to express my opinion and share my point of view. The tough thing about blogging is trying to find the time to research and write about all the things that interest me and all the things that I think I will interest you.

I also realize as more and more people discover the blog that there is an expectation for me to provide new content and to provide opinion on an ever more frequent basis.

At the same time I realize that there are people out there who have wonderful opinions and incredible insight but might not have the time to devote to maintaining an active blog.

One person is someone that I've been lucky enough to converse with on multiple occasions and after much discussion I've decided to provide him space here to share his perspective with you.

He'll be using the pen name 'Fear and Loathing in Fall River' and I hope you'll enjoy his contribution as much I have.



Anonymous said...

I find it very frustrating that most of the candidates don't have websites up. In this day and age they MUST realize that most people are going to the web to get their information. It's even worse when people--(I'm thinking of Mike Lund here)--actually advertise their website on their signs and then they don't have one. Why should I vote for you Mr. Lund? Obviously you can't even get it together enough to get the site up for your campaign so why should I think you could get it together to help run the city of Fall River? Just my .02 on that.

How do you even contact these people to find out what they stand for? I don't get the paper delivered to my house and as I said, I work all day and can't listen to WSAR so I go to the place where I can to make an informed decision.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Wrong spot! :-\ I'll copy and paste it into the right place.