Sunday, October 21, 2007

Challengers deserve a look in the Fall River City Council Race

Lefty said...

well we may not agree on everything but chances are I'll be voting for 7 or more new faces on the council.

I made that statement in the comments of another post and while I realize that voting for "7 or more new faces" might prove too much of a challenge I can tell you now that there are only one or two incumbents who are going to receive my vote.

Yes, 90% of the people reading this just shouted out 'Pat Casey'. After all the back and forth discussion in the last post about Pat I know somebody is going to focus on which incumbents but that's not the purpose of this post. What I want to do here is focus on some of the challengers that so far have made a positive impact on me. These are not candidates that I endorse, merely candidates that I myself want to know more about and would consider voting for.

In order of preliminary finish

Cathy Ann Viveiros - Cathy Ann finished second in total votes for the council in the preliminary election. While most of us were discouraged that the screams for change turned out to be a whisper, the one thing that was heard perfectly clear was that the people want Cathy Ann back on the council. It's no surprise that she did so well. With high energy, charisma, experience and a detailed platform Cathy Ann really is ready to "get it started"

Steve Camara - Steve ran a very low key campaign leading up to the preliminary election but still managed to finish 9th, which would be good enough to win a seat in the general election. For those who remember a time before Ed Lambert was Mayor, Steve is a familiar face someone with considerable experience on the City Council, even serving as Council President. What I think makes Steve such an interesting candidate is his dedication to the community outside of elected office. His proven track record of working to improve our neighborhoods it seems to me to be a quality we need back on the City Council.

Gus Suneson - Why would I consider returning 11th place finisher, Gus Suneson to the City Council? Gus is probably best known for his ranting and raving theatrics on his own cable show. He's a character, an eccentric, and has been called a lunatic and a crackpot. However, listen closely to the rants and raves and often you'll find at its core is a thoughtful, insightful viewpoint. Gus is loud and entertaining but make no mistake about it he's also blunt and not afraid to speak his mind. If you think our current council hasn't discussed, debated and challenged the Mayor enough you want to consider bringing Suneson back to the council. Suneson does not have a website but you can view an episode of his show here.

Mike Miozza - Finishing 12th, Mike is personally my biggest preliminary disappointment. Miozza is a Fall River success story, the boy from the projects who goes on to get a PH.D.! As an activist against the Weaver's Cove LNG project Mike Miozza has become a familiar name to the people of Fall River, but in his run for a council seat Mike isn't cashing in on the recognition. Mike has developed a solid campaign platform of intelligent, well thought out points and he was one of the first to do so! With a guarantee of three new faces on the next council I really felt Miozza would crack the top 9. I'm terribly disappointed that the voters didn't see his potential and hope they take a good long look for Nov. 6th.

Tim Bennett - Finishing 13th is the president of Green Futures, Tim Bennett. Tim is someone who has been on my radar for the same reason as Miozza and Steve Camara. He is someone who has dedicated a great deal of his time to make our city a better place. Too many people dismiss him as the ecological candidate but the reality is good municipal planning includes responsible preservation of natural resources. I like the idea of having a city councilor who is going to view various projects from the perspective of is this going to harm our city, preserve it, or help restore it. Tim doesn't have a website but was a guest on the Fall River Show, which you can watch here.

As I stated before these are the candidates for City Council that have so far made a positive impression on me. I would like to know more about them and would consider giving them my vote. Perhaps there is a challenger I didn't list that YOU think I should. If so leave a comment tell me and everyone else why. Be specific and fair because I will delete any comments that I feel don't further good healthy discussion.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you have written except for the part about Gus Suneson, I think you are being too generous in your analysis. Yes Gus does tend to take on the establishment and question anyone and everything but I want my Councilors when they take on someone or something to do it based on merit and not on the principle of criticize everything and see what sticks. Gus seems to bash everything and that approach is as wrong as those elected officials who constantly tell us how great everything is and how there are no problems. I like level headed candidates that realize there is a happy middle ground.

I am looking at this at this point as who needs my vote the most and who has the best shot of getting on the Council if I vote for them? Cathy and Steve look like they may get on anyway so they don't really need my vote. Bennett really needs the vote but he probably finished too far down to be able to make a legitimate shot at a comeback. Mike Miozza needs the vote and finished in a place where he might be able to make a comeback. Miozza is getting my vote for sure and he may be the only one. I suppose it also helps too that I think of all the people that you named I believe that he is the best candidate of them all.