Sunday, September 23, 2007

A vote for cable access

Today's Herald News has an article about how candidates for office are utilizing local access cable to get their message out.

This is something I believe I've referenced a few times over the last several months. I guess over the last several years I've known that if you wanted to see something local that you couldn't attend live, local access was the first place you'd look. However, I think this year local access has really begun to come into its own.

Now, my knowledge of local access has been pretty much limited to just knowing that there are some local access channels on the dial, but it seems that in Fall River local access is an underutilized resource. In many ways a medium in its infancy.

What local access has needed, other than perhaps more funding, is better programming. This isn't to say that the programming out there isn't good but much of it has too narrow a focus and if it doesn't apply to you why watch it? All the election season programming has had a broad appeal and has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that local access can play in the community.

Perhaps the most promising example of this is The Fall River Show, (which I just mentioned in another post). The show features in its first episode, producer and host, Jason Caminiti interviewing Green Futures president, Tim Bennett. In a half an hour format Caminiti holds the type of casual, thoughtful conversation that could take place around your kitchen table. It's interesting, entertaining and intelligent and he's having a discussion with someone who really has something to talk about that's worth listening to and that I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to hear. I really have great expectations for this show and hope that to see many more like it.


RadioKeri said...

Every time I tune into Cable Access there is either opera program on, dead air, or Gus Sunneson foaming at the mouth about how much he hates WSAR.

Guess I'm just tuning in at the wrong times ...

Lefty said...

Maybe so..

Try Tues 3:30 PM,Thurs 4pm, or Oct. 1st at 1pm.

Those are the next airings of the Fall River Show!

RadioKeri said...

Yeah, because Tuesdays and Thursdays in the late afternoon I have nothing else to do ... LOL

jenn said...


Do you expect us to believe that you are actually busy between 3 and 6 p.m. on weekdays?

j/k ;)

You can check out the Channel 95 schedule on Frank's website Hopefully, that will ensure that you don't tune into dead air...

Lefty said...


Seriously, you can also check out The Fall River Show by visiting, it's listed in the links section of the blog.