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The Herald News has been running a series every Monday asking the candidates for Mayor a question and giving them 200 words to respond. This is the fourth in the series and the third I've been able to make available on the blog.

Like the previous posts I have provided the candidate responses here but omitted the name of the candidate each response belongs to. Can you figure out which answer belongs to which candidate? If not at the end of each answer is link to that candidate's website, or profile, just click on 'Do you know who this is?' to find out which candidate the answer belongs to.

Controversy at Weaver's Cove

There are several LNG projects competing against Weaver’s Cove, but industry analysts say the New England region only needs 1 or possibly 2 terminals at most. We have to make sure that 1 or 2 doesn’t include Weaver’s Cove.

In terms of strategy on the LNG front I would pursue a course that some might call delay, but it would include pressuring relevant local, state, and federal agencies that still have permitting processes to undertake, and there are many, that they must engage in their most thorough review processes.

The Army Corps and other agencies have potentially lengthy permitting processes if the city and its consultants point out issues and flaws with the project and ask the right questions. I had been doing exactly this since 2003 for the city. (Weaver’s Cove initially was predicting an opening by November 2007.)

Also, if an agency gives out a permit instead of denying one, in many instances there are opportunities for legal challenges to those decisions. We cannot afford to have a Mayor who is weak on this issue or who needs time to get up to speed, I will be strong on this issue and I will hit the ground running. Do you know who this is?

"Not here. Not now. Not ever!" The attempts by the Hess Corporation to locate an LNG facility at Weaver’s Cove can only be described as "corporate arrogance." The people of Fall River, especially those living closest to Weaver’s Cove, have made it clear that such a facility is unwelcome, but these feelings have been ignored by Hess in its quest for greater, more obscene profits.

An LNG facility will bring a poorer quality of life. Property values in the area surrounding a similar facility in Everett, Massachusetts dropped by 25% when it opened. The dredging required for such a facility would have a highly negative impact on the environmental quality of the both the Taunton River and the Mount Hope Bay.

There is mounting tide of concern about this project by the federal government. For this reason the city of Fall River must continue to resist its construction by all means possible. We must also seek to find a better use for the land at Weaver’s Cove. An aggressive approach must be taken in seeking assistance from the federal government to acquire "brown field" funding to make this happen. There are going to be changes in the leadership of our city, but regardless of those changes, the message from the people of our area must remain the same. Do you know who this is?

I am the only candidate that has a 100% voting record supporting the LNG Legal Defense Fund. This has allowed us to strategize in fighting this project and over the last three months, significant progress has been made. The Coast Guard has issued a preliminary rejection of Hess’ LNG plan to use smaller tankers. Rhode Island has denied their request for permit to dredge Mount Hope Bay, and M.E.P.A. has stayed all state reviews relating to the project.

On the proposed Weavers Cove L.N.G. proposal let me say that I thoroughly reviewed and evaluated this project. I also commented to FERC during the environmental impact statement (E.I.S.) scoping process as listed on pages C-26,27,32, and 33 of the final environmental impact statement.

Based on my reviews and backed by at least three (3) reports released on the project, I felt the risks were too great and the project should not go forward. Among other things, I supported a council resolution addressed to FERC opposing the project, and I authorized a letter signed by all nine members of the City Council condemning FERC’s ultimate approval of the project. I also filed a resolution in the council calling for a partnership with the state and federal government in taking the property by eminent domain.

As mayor, I will continue to fight this in the courts and we will remain vigilant and continue working with state and federal officials until we have won. Do you know who this is?

If selected the new mayor of Fall River 2007. I will be sure i still walk around take buses, ride my bike use the different stores ,as well restaraunts. the voters will see me and be able to talk with me, about what can help the city of Fall River. all ideas are important. the peoples voice will always be heard. and in speaking to people on L N G . There are some that feel there already is an area on bay street that has a tank, with L N G for many years. and that nothing has happened. some people have felt the could pipe in to weavers cove from that area and the ships wouln not have to deal with the bridges. other people say they do not want L N G, due to the Danger of an explosion could take out a city ,or a portion of it at this point and time ther coast Guard in Rhode Island, has stated it would not allow dredgeing in there water due to enviramental problems. I feel pipeing it in would to to far and could leak as many pipes do so, not a good idea. as a Mayorial candidate the people put in a petition and after listening, to the pros and cons and haveing read and wrote a letter myself, to the current administration, we can not allow this facility here. if there is a way of eminit domain where we could get the monies, and end this once and for all. then lets take that approach. the shell company would still be responsable for the clean up, and we could do something with this property who knows maybe a casinoon the water. i understand that a person who was heading the project, in middleboro. has to step down, due to lies about his military service as well nacussed of a rape so it could change the place. maybe its time for Fall River. considering our state Senator Joan Menard put it in to legislation and our city council agreed to having one. who knows maybe the stock holders of lng would think of this type of venture them selves after all there about monie. there is a lot, of monies in a casino. especially on the water. just an idea. Do you know who this is?

A primary responsibility of a mayor is the safety os the citizens served. The proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the North End of Fall River is only one of several potential threats to our public safety that concerns me.

Giant tankers carrying millions of gallons on natural gas would pass dangerously close to our city and offload their cargo, posing a significant risk of danger. I am also concerned on its impact on my planned development of our waterfront. As city councilor, I have constantly voted for funding to fight the development of an LNG terminal, and if elected mayor, I absolutely assure you that the fight will continue. In addition to being extremely aggressive at the city level, I will also ask our federal legislative delegation to become more involved.

I will also fight to stop another threat in our streets everyday. Trucks hauling hazardous material are diverted from passing under Government Center now pass into our city within feet of our businesses and homes. They must find alternative routes and bypass our city altogether. A primary concern is safety and as your mayor, I will continue my fight for a safer Fall River. Do you know who this is?

As a public safety issue confronting our city, LNG transcends everything else. From its inception I was opposed to the LNG project in Fall River and have taken a leadership role in stopping it because it is not a good idea to put a dangerous facility in the middle of a populated area.

At the state level I exerted all of my efforts to assist the city in stopping this project. I have testified at public hearings and made every attempt to block the project, aware that the passing of time would make it unprofitable for the company to proceed with its proposal. Also, I was the only individual to get a bill designed to kill the LNG proposal, through the House of Representatives and then onto the Governor’s desk. Although the Governor vetoed the bill, I pledge to continue to fight this unsafe proposal.

As Mayor I pledge, as a priority, to commit whatever is necessary in resources and leadership to stop this dangerous project. Do you know who this is?

I have opposed the siting of an LNG facility from the beginning and have worked diligently to stop this hazardous project on the city, state and federal levels. I was asked to serve on Mayor Lambert’s LNG Task Force and as mayor of Fall River I will re-energize that group. In addition, I brought down to our city MIT Professor James Fay to explain the dangers surrounding LNG. While in Boston I submitted legislation that is based on our state Constitution to protect every citizen in the Commonwealth from LNG. Furthermore, I was the only mayoral candidate that went to Washington D.C., along with Mayor Lambert, to make sure our case was heard by federal officials.

I will continue to take a strong stand against LNG as mayor and carry on the initiatives that have been started by the current administration. I will continue to work with Congressmen Barney Frank and James McGovern; both have done a great job. We will beat Hess LNG by using every weapon available to us.

I have a strong record on LNG unlike most of my opponents. My actions have proven that I will be the mayor that will keep LNG out! Do you know who this is?

My stance is clear on this controversial issue, I want to open negotiations with Weaver’s Cove regarding the proposed LNG facility. Consistent with my pledge to aggressively pursue economic development, I view the LNG project as a major catalyst for job creation, waterfront development and a revitalized downtown. Fall River has the second best deep water port in the state yet it is drastically under utilized. This project will spur over 400 million dollars of private investment including the dredging of the Taunton river shipping channel. Upon completion, the LNG project will expand our local tax base drastically.

LNG is a safe, clean, modern industry that is approved and regulated by the Federal government. Many exaggerated claims have been allowed to skew this issue. Under my administration local input and public safety will never be compromised however, I will not allow misinformation and unfounded fears to prevent Fall River from building a solid local economy. Job creation, economic prosperity and public safety can be realized together. Do you know who this is?

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Anonymous said...

Is the Ken Medeiros statement verbatim? This seems like a good first assignment for our schools to correct all the punctuation, spelling and gramatical errors in that response.


Lefty said...

What you see is directly from the Herald News article and though I don't claim to be an English teacher, I was tempted to correct it.