Sunday, September 30, 2007

SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Here it is September's SouthCoast Photo of the month!

One of my favorite Fall River landmarks is the Iwo Jima memorial in Bicentennial Park. It's a fabulous memorial and walking strolling through the park and walking the boardwalk is an incredibly nice way to spend part of the day.

This is one of a series of photos that I took the weekend of the memorial's dedication. I got there mid-afternoon and remember thinking just how nice it would be if I could get a photo with the sun setting behind it.

After taking several pictures and walking the boardwalk, I came back to the statue and took some photos with the river at my back. I saw an elderly couple standing, holding hands, and taking in the majestic view in front of them. It was incredibly poignant, for he certainly could have been a WWII veteran but as I moved to get into a position to photograph them from behind they moved.

The moment gone, I decided to call it a day and started walking to the parking lot, as I passed by the statue I looked back and was rewarded with a view of the memorial in silhouette a brilliant golden setting behind it.

Amazingly I was able to get this picture that perfectly captured the moment.


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