Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Fall River news worth sharing

Here's a few news stories that I wanted to bring to your attention.

First is a story in the Boston Globe (Registration Required) about designer Joseph Abboud's purchase of Fall River shirt and his latest endeavor in men's fashions. We talked a little bit about this before. Abboud's former company is successful and prosperous in New Bedford, can he do the same here?

But the article of clothing Abboud is most jazzed about today is his
impeccable houndstooth dress shirt of polished Italian cotton. You see, it was
made just a few feet from where he's standing at the moment, right in the middle
of a Fall River textile mill.

The second story is the second part of a feature on SouthCoast Today featuring an interview with both Mayor Lang of New Bedford and Fall River's Mayor Lambert. I brought the first part to your attention last week and wanted to make sure to highlight the second part.

"I think in many instances being mayor is about managing change, which is
inevitably going to happen. You want to create change," Lambert said, "But
change is always going to happen outside your influence and you want to be able
to manage it in the best way you can."

Lastly we have another Boston Globe article, this time discussing efforts to secure 'wild and scenic designation' for the lower part of the Taunton River. The upper part received such designation in 2000. If the lower portion receives 'wild and scenic' designation it could effectively kill the Weaver's Cove LNG proposal. The spokesman for Weaver's Cove, says this is the real intent, but Congressman Barney Frank says that it's merely happy coincidence.

"Weaver's Cove was not on our minds when we started this," he said.
"It's a beneficial, unintended consequence. The only reason it's going to help
kill the project is that it shows how bad the project is." - Congressman Barney

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