Friday, September 14, 2007

Results certified..Nathan Amaral nails the 18th spot

So the results are finally official, WSAR is reporting that the certified results have Nathan Amaral as the 18th place finisher and will go on as a candidate for the City Council in the general election.

Michael Canuel has publicly stated that he will not seek a recount, for him the campaign trail has ended.

For me there is still the question of why there was so much confusion and so much mishandling of the situation. I want answers and explanations of what happened and what was done. I want assurances that the certified results are correct.

I am personally so disappointed in how this has been handled that I would like to urge candidates for mayor, city council, and school committee to request a recount because as of right no I have more doubts than faith. Mr Canuel on WSAR stated that he wouldn't request a recount so to not put the city through the hassle and expense and I appreciate the sentiment. However, I truly believe that despite the hassle and expense that a recount is needed because we need assurances that the Elections Office got it right. We need to demand proof that the system works.

Finally I'd like to commend Nathan Amara and Michael Canuel for how they handled what must have been a very difficult situation.

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