Saturday, September 08, 2007

Preliminary Observations

With the preliminary election just a few days away I find myself making these observations.

  • If Dave Sullivan were to become mayor will we see Brad Kilby and Eric Poulin mount campaigns for Sullivan's state rep. seat? Would Whitty?
  • If Bob Correia were to win can we look forward to Kevin Aguiar making another run for Bob's seat?
  • Speaking of Whitty, would anything be worst for him than to lose the election and have Lambert resign so that he had to fill in as acting mayor until the next mayor was sworn in?
  • If the new downtown courthouse is so unpopular with seniors (and seemingly everyone else) and seniors vote, how come nobody mentions that the supposed front-runner Bob Correia sat on the site committee and was personally in favor of the downtown location?
  • Speaking of the courthouse, am I right that the only candidate running that supported the downtown location was Bob Correia? Al Alves on the Council voted no, Whitty was out of office at the time. Kilby was on the school committee. and the others have held no elective office and Sullivan was against. Am I right? (and before I'm accused of having an agenda against Bob this is all stuff I came across while researching my recent courthouse post)
  • If Alves, Whitty, and Kilby fail to win the mayor's race is there any doubt they'll be running for council again in 2009?
  • Has anyone noticed that the only people who comment on my blog are Poulin voters? HELLO do Sullivan supporters not use the internet? Are Al Alves supporters to busy taking pictures with their signs to go online?
  • Will you be surprised if we have five new members on the council next term? I won't.
  • If you're running for the school committee do you feel you've been screwed by a lack of coverage?
  • Along with that I don't want to hear WSAR or the Herald complain a year or so about the school committee candidates when there has been so little coverage of them.

If I do enough posts like this can I have Marc Monroe Dion's job?


Anonymous said...

I do not know about the other candidates, but if Bob Correia wins I am moving out. yuk!

Anonymous said...

A Whitty elimination and then Lambert resignation would be quite hilarious. Let's hope Whitty wouldn't screw it up too much.

I can see Kilby, and maybe Alves running for council again.... I think this is Whitty's last hurrah.

5 new members in the council??? I wish !! I liked the question Barry on WSAR was asking about what specific incumbent should NOT be re-elected. Do you have a sense of which 2 won't be returning??

School Committee has lacked coverage.

NegativeVoter said...

A few questions:

What makes Correia the frontrunner? Is it just money, or has there been a poll?

Why hasn't anyone taken advantage of Correia's position on the courthouse?

Why does Poulin have such a redundant writing style? His ideas may good, but the delivery needs lots of work.

How can anyone turn the city around by sticking their head in the sand when it comes to major poverty-perpetuating issues (teen pregnancy, drug use, etc.)?

Holding nose and voting for Sullivan.

Lefty said...

negativevoter, hopefully a few answers..

1. various 'third-party' sources have said Correia is the front runner according to some of the polls. The money will help him get his name and the vote out.

2. I'm shocked that neither Al Alves or David Sullivan have used this to their advantage.

3. If you like the ideas but not the delivery I would urge you not to chose style over substance.

4. They can't, but the solutions are not simple and the causes are usually rooted in the issues the candidates are trying to address. Jobs, education, crime, etc.

I would say if you have to hold your nose to vote for Sullivan he's not the guy to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not a fan of Correia's and also did not support the location of the new courthouse downtown a few years ago, I now think it is the right place for it.

The courthouse will bring an investment to the downtown that will attract people to the downtown area. Although some of those people will be unsavory characters, the courthouse is where they are best behaved.

Also, I anticipate a shift of many legal offices now in the Rock St. and N. Main St. areas to shift downtown and take over some of the current empty spaces. I think the introduction of this professional class to downtown will rejuvenate the area and its restaurants.

Plus, with eminent domain already occurring, and South Main Place demolished, I think its a little late to change the plans on that project.

Finally, South Main Place was dead, what else could have gone at that location that would have drawn as many people to the downtown?

Lefty said...

I was not in favor of the courthouse location either. However I agree that with South Main Place purchased and demolished that it's too late to change plans at this point.

The downtown courthouse will likely spur the kind of revitalization you mention but I'm not sure if it's the time of revitalization downtown needs.

My personal opinion was that South Main Place would have made for a perfect location for a children's museum and perhaps a performing arts stage.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the children's museum ot performing arts stage idea for that location simply because i don't think it would bring in the same amount of crowds as a courthouse.

I think a performing arts stage would be under-utilized and would not attract that many people during the day or night. Plus, a stage at that location would disturb all the old fogies nearby.

With a performance stage downtown, who would be in charge of scheduling acts? How would they pay for such performances?

Everyone seems to talk about the revitalization of the Capitol Theatre but nothing ever happens.

On another note, the Narrows, as great as it is, draws most of its crowd from outside Fall River. That tells me that Fall River does not have the support for an expansion of the arts to the downtown.

Let's start with the Capitol theatre and expand the arts one project at a time. Although, I do recall Mayor Lambert stating that he thought the city could buy the old BCC for $1 for a performing arts center and lofts for the artists.... what ever happened to that idea?


Lefty said...


I agree the Narrows does draw most of its patronage from outside the community. I'm dismayed by this but I'm told the reality is that there just isn't enough support within the community to let the arts flourish here in Fall River.

I think a Fall River Children's museum would have brought families to downtown. Again many of them from outside of the city itself, but it would have brought people to downtown and the idea of a performing arts center could have helped create a night life downtown.

As far as the events, ownership, scheduling, I don't have specifics because it was just an idea.

It's a moot point because of course South Main Place is gone

I'm in favor of the Capitol project and in fact if could serve the role I have envisioned for a performing arts center. Which by the way I was talking about in 2000 before I knew that the Capitol was a candidate for renovation.

I think you have to look at the Narrows, a Children Museum, (which does exist as planning group) or other arts and culture entities as an arm of tourism.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Brian 'BIG'elow on FRCTV. I wish I had known he worked for the Sheriff before I voted today. He would have never received my vote if I had known he worked for that nazi.

RadioKeri said...

Every single school committee candidate had a half hour on the air. There were 51 candidates in total running for office! We tried to do the best we could under unusual circumstances. Can't please everyone all the time!

Lefty said...


I think you need to judge Bigelow on Bigelow and not on whether he works for the sheriff.

Thanks for commenting and you're right with all the candidates coverage was tough. I think the Herald could have done a much better job, my major issue with WSAR is not helping bring about MORE debates there really wasn't enough and that I wish you had made the interviews available on your website for those of us who didn't get to hear them all when they broadcast.

It was great to see FRCTV Channel 95 air some very informative programs. It was also great that so much was available online from making various videos available in one easy to find location, from all the candidate websites and hopefully people found the content here worthwhile.

RadioKeri said...

Let me see if it's possible to have that happen on our website ... when it comes to the web stuff -- I'm kinda stupid -- I can't even figure out how to podcast my show after having about a million people ask me! Point taken however -- and we'll try to do a better job leading up to the final.