Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post Election Observations

By now everyone knows that Representative Robert Correia will square off against fellow Representative David Sullivan in general election to see who becomes the next mayor of Fall River.

There are those who feel that their vote doesn't matter, but this was certainly an election that proves that every vote counts. While Bob Correia handily took first place with 4,125 votes, David Sullivan squeaked out his second place finish with 2,411. Sullivan's second place finish was secured by only 280 more votes than the 5th place finisher, Eric Poulin.

The moral of the story is if you liked Alves, Kilby or Poulin but didn't vote for them you may have cost them the race.

Dave Sullivan 2,411
Al Alves 2,213
Brad Kilby 2,155
Eric Poulin 2,131

Votes do matter.

Other observations

Considering how often I heard people tell me that 'Poulin can't win' and 'I'm voting for Sullivan' or 'I'm voting for Kilby' I think there is a strong chance that Poulin should have been the second place finisher.

Did anyone think that Bill Whitty would finish sixth? I know I was just as surprised that Al Alves finished 3rd.

There is no truth to the rumor that Al finished so high because 'Manny Alves voters' got confused

If you're Brad Kilby does loaning your own campaign $40,000 dollars still seem like a good idea?

I'm not the first to observe it but isn't it amazing that everyone called for change but voted for all the same old people?

Pat Richards championed senior safety yet only managed a 17th place finish in the council race which led someone to humorously quip to me "maybe the seniors were to afraid to come out and vote".

Kevin Aguiar received the most votes of any candidate - period. You can't convince me he's not running for a State Rep. seat if Correia wins the general election.

Could there be any truth to the rumor that one candidate bused in people from outside the city to hold signs for his campaign?

I wonder what it's like to be Ed Lambert right now?

I would like to say a personal thank you to all the candidates who ran, all the people who volunteered and all the citizens who voted. I'm optimistic about our city and our political process and all of you made it happen.


Anonymous said...

"Sullivan's second place finish was secured by only 320 more votes than the 5th place finisher, Eric Poulin." Sullivan's 2,411 minus Poulin's 2,131 is actually 280 votes, less than 3 hundred. It is very likely that people that voted for Alves, Kilby, Sullivan or Whitty because they thought Mr. Poulin couldn't win might have cost him the election. Rain may also have kept voters who aren't as dedicated away such as the youth vote that Mr. Poulin was supposed to have. Bottom line, it was darn close for second place among Sullivan, Alves, Kilby and Poulin.

Anonymous said...

There is no truth to the rumor that Al finished so high because 'Manny Alves voters' got confused


Btw, which candidate supposedly brought outsiders to hold signs for him?

Also, Kevin Aguiar was at Correia's event, perhaps trying to gain the confidence of Correia supporters?

Lefty said...

First I have to say I grabbed the totals from the Herald and THEY said 280. I don't know what I typed 320 but I've corrected it thanks!

As for which candidate is said to have bused in sign holders, since I can't prove it I won't say.

As for Kevin, it would interesting that he was supporting someone for mayor that he wanted to unseat as State Rep.

RadioKeri said...

Kevin was laughed out of the Democratic primary in last year's rep's race. I don't think his School Committee support translates to State Rep.

And yes, it is VERY TRUE that one candidate bused in people from outside Fall River -- and in fact, raised most of the money for his campaign from outside of Fall River. Check the campaign finance report! It's really interesting. :)

Many skeletons in the closet of this election!

Anonymous said...

1) Yes, Kevin Aguiar just flat out stopped campaigning during his bid for State Rep. in 2006. However, I do believe that now Correia is out, Aguiar must be licking his chops for another chance.

2)Ok, I have a pretty good idea who brought in outsiders to hold signs. One candidate clearly had more supporters out there on Saturday morning. I also do intend to get the finance reports too.

Lefty said...

Now that the preliminary has passed I do plan on reviewing the finance reports of our top 2.

As for Kevin, I think a strong vote total, name recognition and an open seat might be enough to convince Mr. Aguiar to attempt another run.

TGS said...

Correia is not "Out" yet. I realize that Correia was the top vote getter on the 11th. However, I do not think that translates into him winning the election in November hands down. If you look at Poulin, and Kilby voters, I feel those voters are strong Sullivan supporters now. I believe this will be a very polarizing campaign. I just hope that it does not turn into a North Vs. South battle.

Anonymous said...

It will be a North vs. South battle in perception only. Enough people in the north voted for Correia. And remember, when Correia ran against Mitchell, he didn't take one precinct -- north or south. Mitchell had south end roots, so that may have been part of it too.

BTW: Does anyone have a precinct breakdown of the votes on Tuesday? Would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

I think both candidates have their share of support from outside Fall River, not just one ;)

However, keep in mind that those voters can't vote for the candidate, so I think it is safe to say that even if one candidate bused in people from outside the city, the votes showed that he had sufficient support inside the city as well.

Lefty said...

Do both candidates have support from outside the city? Possibly and probably, however I've only heard of one busing in sign holders.

And I think that it's important to realize that people do vote based on perception. If the perception of all those extra sign holders wasn't important the candidate wouldn't have bused them all in.

Anonymous said...

I guess there can be two schools of thought on signs, one of which is that having a lot at the polls shows strength, but another is that by the time a voter drives to the polls, that he has already decided who to vote for, so it doesn't make a difference how many are out there.

I'd go for the latter.