Monday, September 03, 2007

Parking issues need not be a 'trial'

There has been some press recently about how difficult it is to find parking downtown and a lot of speculation that it is only going to get worst once the new courthouse on South Main Street is built.

Now honestly part of funding for the new courthouse was supposed to help create additional parking but a big question has been where.

I've heard a couple of suggestions, including one on the corner of Third and Borden near one of the city's existing parking garages, but a better one is the location suggested by a reader of this blog that I had never heard before.

The reader, using the new instant messenger feature, and I were discussing the new courthouse and its parking woes when he (I assume) suggested that a new parking garage could be built at the location of the existing courthouse at 45 Rock Street.

A parking garage located at 45 Rock Street could easily service both courthouses with each being no more than 3 tenths of a mile away at the same time this new parking garage would be in easy walking distance to the Fall River Public Library, Government Center, the post office, and several banks, restaurants, law offices, and other businesses that currently suffer from a lack of parking. I think it would be ideal.

Does anyone else agree?

Fall River


jenn said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. A parking garage at the location of the current court house would probably be the best location. It would also make going to the Main Post Office a little easier.

Anonymous said...

I think a problem that currently exists is that the downtown doesn't really have signs directing people to existing parking garages.

Another issue is that the city leases the current garages to a non-profit. After years of collecting parking fees, isn;t there enough money to expand the existing 2 parking garages?

I do think a 3rd garage is also necessary to accomodate the Library, Durfee Courthouse, the Post Office, and Restaurants in the area.

Anonymous said...

One thing I just read is that the new Trial Court will combine the District Court AND the Superior Court. Therefore, there should also be discussions about what is to be done with the Superior Court property on N. Main St.

Anonymous said...

I read the Bus Terminal and Parking study and was surprised that the area the study covered only went to Bedford Street and there was no mention of the existing District Court. So I sent an e-mail to SRPEDD basicaly saying that they should locate a third parking garage at or near the existing District Court so that it may also accomodate the other Rock St. Courthouse. I also made the pitch that Government Center employees could go to the Rock/Bedford parking garage which would open up spaces closer to the new trial court. I'll let you know if I get any responses.

Lefty said...

Sorry not to respond to these posts!

To me a garage at Bedford and Rock helps balance the parking needs of downtown.

I have to say though I talked to a City Council candidate and brought this up and they were not impressed. Is it their lack of vision or ours?

And I agree if the N. Main court is not going to be needed we should start thinking about how best to utilize it.