Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Impropriety at last night's city council meeting?

Sources have informed me that Cable Access Television personality, Jason Caminiti, was banned from taping a PUBLIC meeting of the Fall River City Council meeting last night.

Caminiti was informed by city police that he would not be allowed to tape the meeting. However open meeting laws clearly show that it is within his legal rights to do so. (see page 3 of this linked document)

Although I am still working on getting all the details, I have learned that Caminiti is scheduled to appear on The Gus Suneson Hour (7:30-8:30 on Ch.95) tonight. The show is broadcast live and I'd be very surprised if Suneson doesn't question Mr. Caminiti about it. So tune in!


jenn said...

That does not make any sense. Channel 9 records the meetings and broadcasts them all the time... Does Channel 9 do some fancy editing that someone was afraid Jason would not do?

I think that Jason should file a complaint with the Police Department. The Police Office on duty should, in my opinion, know the Mass General Laws and should be made aware that he violated Jason's rights.

Anonymous said...


I am very familiar with the Open Meetings Law in MA. What the summary eludes to, but does not specify, is that the governing body can dictate where the recording will take place...." videotape equipment fixed in one or more designated locations determined by the governmental body."

Even so, if he was not in a fixed position or caused other problems, a responsible City Council would have made him aware of his error and continue on. Otherwise, getting kicked out of the meeting is quite unnecessary.

Having run in to some difficulties in the past about recording public meetings (not in FR), I now make it a point to carry the Open Meetings Law with me if I intend to record the meeting, in order to avoid such confusiion.

RadioKeri said...

Didn't have a chance to catch this ... tuned in just in time to hear Gus screaming, "THE BUS IS COMING" about 900 times and then threaten the radio station.

Any new developments here?

Jason Caminiti said...


Thanks for covering my show! I commented to Gus last night as to what happened at the meeting. I don't want to jump in and start shouting about it yet. I will say that I think it was mishandled. I want to talk to some more people at city hall before commenting.

radiokeri I hope that you can step out of the path of the bus long enough to watch the Suneson hour from last night. You can see it at If you want to contact me please go ahead and email me at my show's email address jason at!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Lefty said...


Thanks for the plug on the show last night, greatly appreciated.

I have a new found respect for Local Access. Watching last night I thought you made a very good spokesman for how this resource could and should be used.

And thanks for commenting here keeping us all in the loop.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. Many police officers do not know the laws.