Monday, September 10, 2007

Endorse Your Candidate Here

Tomorrow is election day!

Is there a candidate you support and feel deserves some mention? If so I'm creating this post to do just that!

Feel free to leave comments endorsing your candidate of choice and providing the rest of us with a brief explanation of why!


Lefty said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "How much would you pay to be Mayor?":

I don't post here a lot but I read quite often and I don't care what anyone else says or thinks because I tell them all that I am DEFINITELY voting for Eric Poulin. I became interested in politics really for this election and it just seems to me that Eric Poulin is BY FAR the absolute best candidate. So I wish him luck tomorrow. :-)

NegativeVoter said...

The pickings are slim, but I'd have to say David Sullivan gets my endorsement.

jenn said...

The pickings are not that slim... Sullivan is not too bad, but he is my second choice.

I am voting for Eric Poulin. His energy, education, ideas, plans, and experience in the mayors office have me convinced that he is the #1 candidate in this race.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new resident of the city so I have the benefit of perspective. Eric
Poulin has impressed me with his vision and intelligence. Fall River has so much potential. I want a mayor
who has the energy to get something done.Dave Sullivan would be my second choice.

Anonymous said...

I like both Sullivan and Poulin, but I am going with Sullivan.

I like his honesty. He did fight to bring in money for the library and a few other items that we needed. He stands up to DiMasi while the other guy is just a puppet for DiMasi.

He has been strong against LNG. I even checked the FERC site to make sure who really does something and Sullivan has multiple letters to FERC. The other REP! Ha!

The one area I had a problem with was Watuppa Heights, but when you talk to Sullivan you find out the following:

1. There was no written plan when this was being moved forward. No plan meant there were no answers such as who would be the developer. who would pay for the demolition, who would pay for the moving of the people.

2. He told me that the plan (when done) was supposed to be submitted to Boston by May of 2003. I listened to Keri a few weeks ago and Boston has not received a plan yet!!

Etc etc.

In closing I like his passion for the city

Anonymous said...

According to the FR Herald, Bob Correia and Dave Sullivan made it to the top two, with Rep. Correia leading by an almost 2 to 1 margin over Rep. Sullivan.

One other interesting aspect, when someone loses an election, they become vulnerable, so this could possibly inspire challengers in the state rep race against whoever loses this one, as well as the open seat (of course).

Anonymous said...

It might have been a 2 to 1 vote in the preliminary, but now it is a new ball game for the final.

Eric Poulin has already endorsed Sullivan...Great!! There is the 2,000 votes there.

I wanted either Eric or Dave so I am happy that one of them is in the top 2.

Bob Corriea, puleez! He is the same old, we do not need that

megaphone said...

Unofficial Results from FR Herald
(please excuse formatting)

Robert Correia 4125
David Sullivan 2411
Alfredo Alves 2313
Bradford Kilby 2155
Eric Poulin 2131
William Whitty 1957
Manuel Alves 101
Kenneth Medeiros 68

Leo Pelletier 5934
Cathy Ann Viveiros 5730
Linda M. Pereira 5261
Patricia Casey 4944
Thomas Kozak 4353
Brian Bigelow 4308
Joseph Camara 4296
Raymond E. Hague 4221
Steven Camara 4127
Michael Lund 3902
Gus Suneson 2637
Americo Miranda 2363
Michael L. Miozza 2349
Timothy Bennett 2330
Brian M. Dias 2312
Paul R. Viveros 2026
Patrick A. Richards 1910
Nathaniel Amaral 1866
Michael Canuel 1810
Jamie Boulay 1527
Benjamin Mello 1488
Richard M. Urban 1384
Robert C. Braga 1361
Ronald Cabral 1130
Mike Raposa 1123
Ernie B. Silva 941
Paul G. DaSilva 914
David P. Meade 531
CJ Ferry 520

Kevin Aguiar 6312
Marilyn Morin Roderick 5679
Shawn E. Cadime 5337
Mark Costa 5257
Joseph Martins 5000
Timothy P. McCoy 4454
John F. Picard 3809
Robert Maynard 3681
Helena Teresa Fonseca 2761
Ronald R. Silvia 1962
Michael D. Ramos 1860
Rachael B. Gettys 1609
Bobbi Boday 1019
Russell J. Desbiens 921
CJ Ferry 867

Anonymous said...

"Eric Poulin has already endorsed Sullivan...Great!! There is the 2,000 votes there."

Those votes are as guaranteed for Sullivan as George Jacome's votes were for Poulin. The fact is that voters give candidates their votes, they don't surrender their free will along with them.

Anonymous said...

The point was that those who voted for Poulin are more likely to vote for Sullivan because Sullivan is more aligned with Poulin than is Correia. Obviously, candidates can;t force their supporters to vote for whomever they endorse, but why would anyone who supported Poulin now support Correia?
That's like saying, for example, that a voter who supported President Bush in 2000 and 2004, now will vote for Clinton in 2008.

Anonymous said...

HN has it that Sullivan beat Alves by 198 votes when it was really only 98 votes 2,411 to 2,313.

2,313 + 98 = 2,411. Someone should buy those fools a calculator.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's nice that Eric Poulin endorsed Dave Sullivan and that you're assuming that his votes will go there, but if you're going to say that, who do you think Al Alves, Brad Kilby, and Bill Whitty will endorse? (My guess will be Rep. Correia) And if their votes go to Bob Correia, as we have to assume, then that will put Rep. Correia over the top.

But then again, you never know with elections. I didn't think Al Alves would have been as close as he was.

Anonymous said...

I can see the argument that Alves votes will go to Correia, but I find no basis for the conclusion that Kilby and Whitty supporters will go to Correia.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kilby did lose against Sullivan in the state rep. race and Whitty seems to be more conservative, which would have them leaning toward Correia over Sullivan.

As a side note, I don't see why they are waiting for absentee ballots to be counted, as WSAR is reporting. I am a poll worker in a nearby town, and know for a fact that they put them in the ballot box on Election Day. Why would Fall River do this differently?

RadioKeri said...

They didn't start counting the absentee ballots until about 8:30 last night. (Maureen Glisson is a very nice woman, but not the greatest elections commissioner!) It's about 2:15 Wednesday -- and they're telling me it will still be an HOUR because they're messing around with an Excel spreadsheet trying to "organize the information".

We've got people working for the city who can't use Microsoft Office programs in a timely fashion, a website that's a throwback to 1996 and we're just starting to computerize municipal operations -- and we're going to become the biotech manufacturing hub of the world?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Keri. Correia will lead Fall River forward come January


Anonymous said...

Bob had a comment in a Herald story this election suggesting that he didn't feel websites were important. Yes this is definitely the man that is going to bring high tech jobs to the city. LOL

Anonymous said...

Question about School Committee candidate Joseph Martins:

Is he the husband of that crazy catholic, Bea Martins who said in a documentary that she'd leave Massachusetts if same-sex marriage became legal?

If so, it's been a couple of years, and her husband's entry into the school committee race doesn't indicate she'll be moving anytime soon. Should we take up a collection to send them to Mississippi?

TGS said...

I actually like Joe Martins a lot for school committee. Look what he did for Diman Regional. He is a budget hawk, and that is exactly what we need in the school committee, someone to watch the budget!

Anonymous said...

TGS, thanks for the info., but it doesn't answer my question. My concerns are much broader than merely the budget.

Anonymous said...

why would Kilby's loss to Sullivan in the State Rep race years ago lead to a conclusion that Kilby supporters will go to Correia.

If anything, Kilby should support Sullivan, to open up Sullivan's spot so Kilby can run for it.

jenn said...

hmm... that might be a question that needs to get answered... just in case the needs of same-sex coupled teachers and/or parents come up before the school committee, we don't need any close-minded people in leadership positions in this city.
sorry lefty- my liberal side is sneaking out.. ;)

TGS said...

Anonymous, what are your 'broader issues?' Broader than the budget? You think gay marriage is going to come up on the committee, and ONE committeeman is going to cause Gays to not be able to be married in the state?

Lefty said...

anon, jenn,

I want to be cautious here because as far as I know there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Martins has ever been less than professional in his dealings with anyone regardless of race, religion or sexual preferences.

Even if this is Mr. Martins personal belief he is entitled to it as long as does not let it affect his professional judgment.

As far as questioning him about it? I don't think Joe Martins should be subjected to any questions that the other candidates are not being asked to answer.

Anonymous said...

Let me also point out that the issue of same-sex marriage started with a previous comment asking if someone was the wife of Mr. Martins. So, we are directing to Mr. Martins opinions that of someone who may be his wife. I think it is wrong to assume that even if that person is his wife, that he also shares in those beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Keri, why not publish the campaign finance reports on your section of your web site? I don't think the reports are available online.