Sunday, September 16, 2007

Downtown Fall River

It was early, about half past seven, and though I'm sure a steady stream of traffic made it's way toward the highways, commuters traveling to destinations outside of Fall River to work, Downtown was quiet. The air was crisp but the warmth of the morning sunlight streamed through the tree lined street.

I usually don't get a chance, or perhaps don't take the opportunity to stop and take in Downtown so early in the morning and it struck me how pleasant this particular section is. The storefronts are well kept, the sidewalks were clean and majority of the buildings, from the the bank buildings, the Masonic Temple, the library and others help to really give a sense of what Fall River's downtown must have been like in its heyday.

As I walked along the sidewalk I noticed the barber shop was open. A patron was seated in the chair while the barber snipped and clipped away, looking not unlike some scene from a Norman Rockwell illustration. I went only a few a yards further when I realized that I could use a haircut and turned around a walked inside.

A short time later, freshly groomed, I stepped back into the cool air and bright sunshine, thinking what a shame it was that more of us don't take the opportunity to appreciate our Downtown.

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ThirdMate said...

I used to work on Rock Street. I would go to Jim Rogers' Cigar Store to hear Jim talk about James Joyce. Then I'd stop for a trim at that Barber Shop and hear the political news. Nice to know that place is still open.
Now I come here for the politics. Great pic of a pretty part of the city. Great memories of the Peoples' University, too. Thanks, Lefty.