Saturday, September 08, 2007

Do you know who you're voting for?

With the prelimary election just days away (September 11th) do you know who you're voting for? Have you decided which candidates deserve your vote? Do you know where the candidates for office stand on the issues?

If you haven't decided or you're still looking for answers there is still time for you to brush up on your candidates for office and make the best educated decision you can, and I'm going to help you!

First visit, here you will find a collection of campaign coverage videos from the mini-debates featured on the Gus Suneson Show to the first mayoral forum hosted by Speak Up Fall River. While you could probably find these on your own thanks to this site you won't have to .

Tune into local cable access (Ch. 95) because although some of the programming is available online much is not and here's the only place to watch it. Here's a a handy schedule courtesy of Wings Television.

Go to each candidate's website. I provided links to all the ones I was aware in a series of posts.

Candidate Websites

More Candidate Websites

Read the candidate profiles from SouthCoast Today. I provided links to them in these two blog posts.

Mayoral Profiles at

More Mayoral Profiles at

Review the Herald News' 'Sprint to the Sixth Floor' series. I was able to make the first, third and fourth installments available on the blog.

If you're unable to watch the first mayoral forum, I provided my breakdown in a series of posts.
Part I
Part II
Part III

I also provided my observations after watching 'Meet the Candidates 2007'

The Herald News featured profiles of all the candidates as well as a sample ballot in the paper on Thursday but I have been unable to locate them online. It's worth looking at but it will mean digging for a copy or visiting the library. Particularly because it has the School Committee candidates who have really had the worst coverage of anybody.

Anyway hopefully this helps the undecided and I urge everyone to vote!

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