Saturday, September 22, 2007

Celebrating the Taunton River

Today I had the opportunity to to spend some time down at Heritage State Park and attend "Celebrating the Taunton River" a free event to the public put together by The Coalition for Responsible Sighting of LNG.

The weather couldn't have been nicer and I was able to mingle amongst the crowd enjoying the perfect day, some very good live music and the picturesque surroundings of Heritage State Park and Battleship Cove.

To no surprise there were several candidates for office in attendance, including candidates for city council and both mayoral candidates, Bob Correia and Dave Sullivan. Perhaps the highlight of the festivities was when the band played "LNG Blues" calling out to the crowd to come in front of the stage to participate. Representative Bob Correia had left the event fairly early but Dave Sullivan was still in attendance and was called on to take the stage and participate, which to his credit he did. Various people in attendance were quite vocal in appreciation for all the effort Dave Sullivan has put into fighting the Weaver's Cove proposal and at the end of the number he was asked to address the crowd, which he did to an enthusiastic response. It really was the point where everyone seemed to be having a tremendous amount of fun.

A great day, a great event and congratulations to all the people who made it possible.

Lefty's view: just wanted to make the some observations that really don't fit into the blog post. First, it was interesting to hear various people talk about the LNG fight and how much effort different elected officials have put into this. There was a lot of praise for Dave Sullivan but I didn't hear one person mention Bob Correia. I'm not making a judgement here, I'm simply reporting my observation, and that is that the people closest to this issue were generous in their praise of David Sullivan but literally said nothing, NOTHING about Bob Correia. I find that a little shocking and perhaps a little telling.

Secondly, for those who couldn't get down there today, I suggest you keep an eye on Fall River Local Access Channel 95. I observed Jason Caminiti, who is hosting "The Fall River Show", a new program on Ch. 95, filming the band and taping some interviews and I can only imagine that some of what he filmed will show up in a future show.

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Anonymous said...

Why would we mention or praise Bob Correia. He not only did nothing in the fight against LNG, he fought to make sure it comes here and he lied. To prove my point read this:

1. He took several campaign donations from Jay Cashman. Jay Cashman is a personal friend of House Speaker DiMasi. (see the tie in?)

2. He went on the Keri R. show with Joan Menard last year and they said that Sullivan's bill, House 1418, was site specific. LIE! There was no mention of Fall River in that BILL!

3. Last year Bob Correia said he took several weeks to write his LNG bill before he submitted with Sen Menard. But after it was submitted Sen Menard said on the radio that the bill was written by City Corp Counselor Tom McGuire. Bob LIES again!

4. Bob takes his LNG bill and attaches it to a horrible environmental bill. Knowing full well that Gov Romney will veto it. But guess what? Romney fools Bob and takes a scapel to the bad bill and sends Bob's bill back to the House saying send it back as is and I will sign it. Bob does nothing. MMMM? Bob is making sure we do not stop LNG and paying off debts to DiMasi and Cashman.

5. An LNG Commission is formed and the legislator with the most knowledge, Dave Sullivan, asks to serve. Bob goes running to the Speaker and says, Pick me - Pick me! Ge, who does DiMasi want on the LNG Commission, Knowledge (Sullivan) or Kiss Butt (Correia). He goes Correia.

6. Correia and the LNG Commission does NOTHING for us!

Nuf said! Now you know why we do not say much about Correia, there is nothing to say!