Thursday, September 13, 2007

Canuel Confusion

Sources tell me that Michael Canuel is standing at the Board of Elections Office waiting to find out if he is still a candidate for city council or if his quest for office has officially ended.

The confusion apparently began yesterday evening when I was informed that the absentee ballot count had propelled Canuel into 18th place over candidate Nathaniel Amaral.

I then had someone inform me latter that night that Canuel had been advised by Elections Office that no, his bid has fallen short.

You can imagine his surprise this morning to have the Herald News and WSAR both saying that after the recount he did indeed finish in 18th place with a final tally of 1,978 votes. That bests Mr. Amaral's total by 85 votes even though he himself gained absentee ballot votes.

The shocking thing is Mr. Canuel as I type this still doesn't know if he's in or if he's out. Apparently the Elections Office is unable to provide the answer and the Board of Elections Commissioner, Maureen Glisson was not in the office as of 9am this morning.

We can imagine that Nathaniel Amaral is just as perplexed, just as frustrated, and just as angry as Mr. Canuel to not be able to tell friends, families and supporters whether or not it's a win or a loss.

At the risk of being overly critical how in the world are the candidates told one thing and the media another? How did our Elections Office botch this up?

***Update Michael Canuel just called into the Barry Richards show to let WSAR listeners know that as of right now the final tally is uncertified but that it looks like he is not in the final 18. My first impressions of Mr. Canuel were just lukewarm but I was more impressed with him at the City Council forum and would have liked to have had the opportunity to hear more from him. He certainly deserves better treatment than the Board of Elections has provided and so does Nathaniel Amaral.


Anonymous said...

It should not take this long to figure this out since the machines tally the votes electronically.

How can we not have election results by Thursday morning? With the Mayoral race finishing so close, can we trust that those ballots were counted accurately?

Why aren't absentee ballots counted on or before election day?

On a personal note, I hope Canuel does finish in the 18th spot.

RadioKeri said...

It's funny, because as I came into work this morning, there is a fax sitting on my desk from 6:30 last night from Maureen -- at the bottom it reads, "Michael Canuel WILL BE 18th in the ballot."

The words WILL BE are underlined.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I voted and am continuing to pull for Nathanial Amaral.

However, both Canual and Amaral deserve much better than this from a department whose sole job it is to handle all things election.

On the note that Ms. Glisson was not yet in the office at 9 a.m. this morning. I wish that surprised me. When something like this hangs inthe balance, leave it on a gov. center employee to not be worried...

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope this doesn't become Canuel v. Amaral at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

We all know what happens when the judiciary tries to intervene to settle elections....

Lefty said...

Thanks for all the comments. I figured the delay with the absentee ballots had to do with the printing mistake that put Suneson's name in the wrong spot, but again that's just my hunch.

What in the world is going on at the Elections Office where today they can't tell you who the winner is but last night released results to the media?!

At this point how do we demand a full recount be done because I lack any confidence in the results that have been released so far?

TGS said...

The candidate may ask for a recount if he so chooses. From what I read here only a candidate can request a recount for the office he ran for. Any registered voter can ask for a recount for a ballot question.

Do we really want to put the city through that during an election?
I agree that there should certainly be some scrutiny put on the election department. It is their duty to get the facts straight. If Maureen Glisson is doing a good job then that will be shown. If she is NOT doing a good job, she should be fired. That's a simple and obvious truth in my opinion...

Democracy cannot have incompentence at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Democracy cannot have incompentence at the wheel?

Incompetence has been behind the wheel of our great democracy for almost seven years!