Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can Jacome's endorsement put Poulin on top?

Two time mayoral candidate F. George Jacome has officially endorsed Eric Poulin for mayor of Fall River.

Jacome who nearly defeated Ed Lambert in 2003 and tried with less success in 2005 said “There is no other candidate who can continue the movement for a fresh start at City Hall.” according to the Herald News.

Jacome cited Poulin's positions on environmental issues and on improving the dropout rate as reasons leading to his support.

Lefty's View: It would be too easy to try to dismiss the importance of an endorsement any endorsement this late in the race. The reality is that almost any endorsement is helpful to a campaign but in this case the endorsement comes from a man who garnered considerable political credibility with his own efforts to become mayor.

Mr. Jacome without ever having held any political office was able to build a strong base of voters who believed his ideas, his vision, his platform, his integrity, his intellect and in him! It's too easy to say that Jacome never won because the truth is he ran very credible campaigns spending maybe $50,000 against a popular incumbent who spent HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. The fact is there is segment of people out there who truly believe in F. George Jacome and if he's endorsing Eric Poulin then Eric Poulin is someone they're going to think about voting for.

It's also important to remember that Jacome attracted a large number of voters who were sick of the status quo, who wanted a candidate with fresh ideas, new solutions, and who was truly independent. By giving endorsement Mr. Jacome that Eric Poulin is that candidate.


Dr. Momentum said...

I'm only watching from afar, but this endorsement seems to me like it's going to have an impact, at the very least in getting people's attention. Poulin seems to me to have come a long way in his candidacy. Good timing, too, For Mr. Poulin.

Very interesting.

jenn said...

As someone who voted for Mr. Jacome both times he ran, I hold a considerable amount of respect for him and whomever he endorses. It just works out for me that I already plan on voting for the candidate he endorsed.

Lefty said...

Thanks Jenn,

It's nice to have a Jacome supporter validate my observation.

And I truly think that a majority of Jacome supporters are going to feel the same way you do. I think people who didn't support Mr. Jacome don't realize how much respect his supporters have for the man and the message. Also it has been said that Jacome appealed to citizens who hadn't been involved in local politics, which means Eric Poulin could benefit from voters that normally are disenfranchised by the local politics.

jenn said...


In regards to enticing people not generally involved in local politics - you hit the nail right on the head.

I was never this involved in any politics EVER before this election. Don't get me wrong - I paid attention and always voted, however, I never felt inspired enough to get involved before.

I think that while most of what drew me to Eric Poulin's campaign, was his ideas, plans and vision ~ it was also a significant change in my own life (a personal reason to get involved - if you will).

My husband lost his job when Quaker closed... Eric was the only candidate who took the time and listened and understood and who offered the vision needed to bring economic development to this area.

The other candidates offered up obvious talking points and cheap sympathy ~ Quaker employees are not looking for sympathy ~ they want jobs. The saying goes that "respect begets respect" and that is why my husband and I support Eric 100%.

Lefty said...

The one thing I see about Poulin is those who support him do so with conviction.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am a voter that is on the fence about voting for Eric Poulin. My main concern is that voting for Poulin can lead to a Correia-Whitty final which would be horrible.

However, I am hearing more people coming out and showing support for Eric as well, which is very comforting. So now, I have friends who are Poulin supporters who are appealing to my idealistic side so I am voting for Eric on Tuesday and will convince family members to do so also.

jenn said...

Fall River Community,

Thanks for coming aboard! ;)

Seriously though, anything less than Eric Poulin for mayor would not be good...