Monday, August 27, 2007

Sprint to the Sixth Floor

The Herald News has been running a series every Monday asking the candidates for Mayor a question and giving them 200 words to respond. The first in the series focused on crime but for whatever reason I had been unable to locate in online until today! The article wasn't formatted very well with the result being that the candidate names do not appear near the answers, which has inspired me to see how well you know the candidates! Below are the answers from the Herald News article, can you figure out which candidate each answer belongs to?

I will be a street-level mayor and treat every neighborhood as if it were my own. Work closely with the Police Chief to provide the resources and ensure that officers have the flexibility to do their job.
Strengthen our health-oriented model of intervention to intervene with youth at risk and youth violence. Prevention and real life opportunities are as important as law enforcement and punishment. Continue to pursue state and federal resources such as Shannon Grants Byrne Grants to fight crime.
Support important programs such as Youthbuild that provide youth with opportunities with educational services, construction training and community service opportunities. It is also important to involve faith mentors, GED and college prep education opportunities and prevention programs.
When we target hot spots for crime and violence, we need to bring whatever resources we have to discourage and confront the perpetrators.
In regards to the Housing Authority, I would set goals of accountability to have this agency tighten up screening tenants and taking enforcement measures to weed out problem tenants and visitors. Use city departments to bring pressure upon irresponsible private landlords.
I will pursue correcting the problems of having mixed populations of disabled young adults residing with seniors. Do you know which candidate this is?

Fall River is blessed with a diverse, hardworking and law-abiding population. Our community has been generous to help those in need with public housing and assistance. However, our community has been infiltrated by criminal elements which is negatively impacting our quality of life. Many of these problems are generated in and around some of our public housing developments and various multi-housing units that have been ignored by landlords.
In the area of multi-housing, I propose to coordinate a ordinance task force to aggressively enforce our local ordinances and laws. Along with this task force, I intend to incorporate a "Crime Free Multi-Housing" program to have our local police, fire and health officials work with landlords to create safe, clean and crime free multi-housing properties.
In the area of public housing, I want to create a series of tenant associations at each development to address crime, health and maintenance. I will have representatives from our police and my administration work with these associations. Administratively, I will seek strict enforcement of housing rules and seek quick eviction of violators. I will also increase walking patrols in these areas and any identified trouble spots. Do you know which candidate this is?

I pledge to add 20 more police officers in an all-out effort to reduce crime in the city. These new officers would be assigned to walking beats in high crime areas.
Their presence would be a strong signal to criminals and gang members that they are not welcome here.
Walking beats provide interaction between the officers and people in the neighborhoods. This create a trust and leads to a feeling of security. They need to know that they are being protected and that the police are the good guys.
Additionally, as mayor, I will seek no trespass orders to keep drug dealers and sex offenders out of our parks and away from our children.
I will expand a program that I initiated which utilizes the auxiliary police units patrolling at city parks.
I voted to demolish the Watuppa Heights project and will fight to further reduce public housing projects. They have become havens for drug dealers.
Crime and drugs are the biggest challenges facing us. On this issue there is no middle ground. I will do all I can to ensure the safety and security of all our citizens. Do you know which candidate this is?

As a state representative, I secured $2 million in state funding to fight gang violence and another $900,000 to beef up community policing. Recently, I created a new Gun Court for our city, so that gun-related crimes can be moved quickly through the court system to get offenders off the streets fast.
As Mayor, I will do even more.
I will work with police, judges and prosecutors to target habitual offenders, violent gang members and drug dealers for special, tough treatment.
I’ll get more uniformed officers, with the tools they need, onto the front lines in permanent walking beats, where they are needed in the fight against crime.
To protect seniors, I will work to keep convicted criminals out of public housing, and crack down on absentee landlords who allow criminal activity on their property.
Safety is the first responsibility of government. I have the experience and proven leadership that Fall River needs.
As Mayor, I know I can do more to make our city a better place to live for everyone.
For full details of my anti-crime platform, I invite the Herald News readers to visit my Web site... Do you know which candidate this is?

I would alleviate crime by implementing my 7-Step Public Safety Plan.
Step 1 calls for us to recognize that the bulk of crimes committed in Fall River are related to the drug trade and drug addiction. I will finally acknowledge this and work with relevant parties to develop a plan of attack.
Step 2 calls for ensuring that the Fall River Housing Authority is doing appropriate national background checks on potential tenants.
Step 3 calls for the city to compile a list of "nuisance properties" in the city, properties that the police are called to over and over again.
Step 4 calls for the city to reach out to nuisance property owners and attempt to gain their support for "cleaning up" their property.
Step 5 calls for the city to crack down on uncooperative property owners by sending in building inspectors for example and issuing fines and enforcing laws already on the books.
Step 6 calls for ensuring that the Housing Authority forms Tenant’s Associations at the most troubled public housing developments.
Step 7 calls for the city and Housing Authority to follow through with plans to add surveillance cameras on troubled city streets and at troubled public housing developments. Do you know which candidate this is?

Gang violence and drug-related crimes have escalated in Fall River, causing our residents to live in fear. We used to feel safe in our homes and our children felt safe in their schools.
In recent years, all that has changed.
As your mayor, I will not pretend that these problems do not exist. Drug dealers and gang members have been moving in and gaining strength in our neighborhoods. It’s time to take a strong stand against these drug dealers and gang leaders.
Our low-income, public housing units are now housing people from other communities.
Unfortunately, not all of these new-comers share a stake in the success of Fall River. If we hope to attract new business, we must first clean up our neighborhoods.
It’s time to join forces with county, state and federal policing agencies to expose and eliminate the gangs and drug dealers. It’s time to reduce public housing in Fall River while expanding affordable housing for Fall River residents who are attempting to raise families.
It’s time for a strong mayor to help us take back our neighborhoods and restore pride in our community. Do you know which candidate this is?

Fall River has the fifth worst crime rating of all the cities in Massachusetts, and if you live in Fall River, you know that there is a portion of our citizens with drug addiction problems. Drug addiction brings crimes necessary to get the money to purchase the drugs. Burglaries, prostitution, attacks on the elderly, home invasions and armed robbery have sadly become common occurrences in our city.
Better working partnerships need to be in place with local, state and federal agencies, not only to secure funding and provide effective treatment, but to create a continuum of services to prevent recidivism.
We already have a great police department. We now need to provide them with better tools to do their job. With the use of a computerized database, we can track the city’s crime pattern by precinct and study our effectiveness in responding to them, therefore holding Precinct Commanders accountable to reduce crime in their precinct.
In addition to an early detection program already offered at Durfee High School, I will direct a task force to work closely with Sheriff Hodgson to implement a prevention program so that students can hear first-hand from inmates what prison is all about. Do you know which candidate this is?

So how well did you know the candidates?


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting this.

Lefty said...

Glad you liked it! I thought it could be fun. I also think once you remove the names you can analyze the statement a bit more and see that some rely too much on buzz words, rhetoric, and promises with no details on the candidate could deliver.