Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sometimes it proves impossible to blog about all the things that catch my attention. What follows are some random thoughts of issues I wanted to blog about but never found the time to.

Deval Patrick endorses Representative Dave Sullivan for Mayor.
The fact that it has taken me so long to comment on this has given me a new perspective! This created quite a sensation when the news broke. The big debate was would this have any effect on the mayor's race? Most of the candidates for mayor commented to the press and attempted to downplay it but the reality is an endorsement from the governor is a huge plus for the Sullivan campaign. It certainly took a campaign that was listless and injected it with some needed energy. I do now wonder if perhaps Dave Sullivan would have been wiser to a few weeks to get a peak of coverage just before the preliminary election.

Much has been made recently about a rat problem here in the Spindle City. It is an issue that has received a great deal of coverage in the Herald and on WSAR. (It's also noteworthy that two candidates have for office have done a little investigative reporting on the issue which can viewed on local access cable or here) It would be fair to say that this coverage has spurred our elected officials to take some sort of action. After listening to some of the complaints aired on the radio and watching the "trash expose" I have to admit there is a lot that the city should be doing to keep the city clean and make it presentable and if that were done it would contribute to solving the rat issue. However, a large part of the rat issue falls squarely on the shoulders of the citizens of this city and those who own property here. Following the city ordinances, such as placing trash in closed trash cans, cleaning areas that might invite mice, rats, skunks, etc. are just common sense things that all of should be doing. I realize that there are times when we fall behind on the yard work, or have bags than cans, or need to put out the trash a few hours earlier than we should and I think that's normal, but before we blame the city for not taking care of a trash problem let's take a look a what we could do on our end not to contribute to it.

Designer Joseph Abboud Purchases Fall River Shirt Co.
With the recent closing of Quaker Fabric there are doubts of whether or not a textile company can be successful here in the U.S. and particularly here in New England. One company that has done very well is JA Apparel, located in nearby New Bedford. JA does well because it manufactures high end clothing, with higher profit margins that offset the higher cost of American labor with a quality and flexibility hard to match by moving production overseas. JA manufactures the Joseph Abboud line of clothing, but Abboud himself sold the label in 2000 and a non-compete clause lapsed in 2005, Abboud is now ready to launch a new label and had bought Fall River Shirt, a company with a outstanding for quality textiles to do so. Here's hoping that this new venture will prove successful and perhaps lead to more jobs for the experienced textile workers in the city and show that manufacturing can still have a place in regional economy.

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