Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Random Thoughts

Boston Beer Co. says NO to Freetown
It was disappointing to learn that the Boston Beer Co. would not be building a new brewery in Freetown and instead was moving to purchase an existing brewery in Pennsylvania.

The proposed brewery would have brought needed jobs to the area and would have triggered some needed development. The brewery would have would have purchased water from Fall River which would have helped keep this city keep water rates affordable for residents.

In the end it came down to Boston Beer being able to purchase a much larger brewery in Pennsylvania for almost 1/4 the costs of building one in here in Massachusetts.

The thought of a brewery in our backyard conjured thoughts of when Fall River had its own brewery and residence could chase away the heat with a Boh beer.

Duke Robillard
I really don't know what to say except outstanding! I had a chance to catch him at Fall River Celebrates America and I have to say he was the highlight of the whole festival. If your not a blues fan, and I really can't say that I am, listing to Duke could convert you.

The Preliminary election is less than a month away and the lack of debates and information is pretty troubling. If you haven't made your choice or if you want to educate yourself about the candidates look for some of the candidates on local access cable (channel 95). So far there is the one and only forum and several mini debates on the Gus Suneson Hour. Also try Google video and search for the candidates by searching for their name, use quotation marks for best results some stuff is out there.

Every city has it's issues with graffiti but I found an article in the Herald News pretty interesting. It talked about a converted warehouse in Queens, New York where painting graffiti is legal. It's an intriguing concept and considering the number of unused mill buildings we have maybe worth looking into.


Anonymous said...

The lack of debates is definitely a concern, especially at the City Council level. Given that there will be at least 3 new councillors, there doesn't seem to be much movement. The sad part is that 11 of the 29 candidates will be eliminated on Sept. 11 without even having a debate.

With the exception of the recent Whitty/Sullivan scuffle on Watuppa Heights, the Mayoral candidates seem content to maintain their niche voters and not make any additional moves.

Jason Caminiti said...

I just wanted to remind your readers that they will be able to see all of the Public Access debates at We have the Speak Up Fall River Mayoral Forum, as well as the Gus Suneson Hour Poulin vs Alves debate.

I'm working on getting all of the individual shows for each mayoral candidate.

(Shameless plug)

Meanwhile, if anyone can figure out a fair and organized way of having a debate between all 29 Council candidates, I'm open to suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a debate with 29 candidates would be a mess. The only way I can think of doing it is to have seperate events and to pick the participants at random. For example, 3 events with 10,10, and 9 or 4 events with 8,7,7,7.

To be fair, there would have to be different questions. I think the same topics can be discussed, just ask it in a different way OR give out the questions to all in advance.

Lefty said...

Thanks for the comments!

Anon, you are right the City Council race has gotten very little attention even by myself. It's very difficult to wrap your hands around a post that would cover 29! candidates.

And Jason, I should apologize for not referring people to your site myself. Not all the videos available are on your site. Mostly because different campaigns also have some videos floating out there, but your site IS a great place to bookmark and find some of the most relevant videos available.

As far as debates, it does prove a bit impossible doesn't it? Jason how about a cable show where ONE question is asked and then each Council Candidate could be taped answering it? The reality is SEVERAL questions could be asked for different shows. i.e. City Council Candidates On: Jobs or Crime etc. If each was limited to 2 to 3 minutes it would still be a long program but watching 3 minute answers doesn't sound too taxing.

In fact I would gladly throw it out there for Council Candidates to respond to but I'm not how to reach them all.

Lastly Anon,
I have no idea if you are the same Anon who has responded to other recent posts but PLEASE consider signing up for a Blogger account. It would be great to know when the same people are commenting to I know if I'm continuing a dialog or speaking with someone new.

LeftyMadeMeDoIt said...

I went to the FallRiverTV website and enjoyed the Poulin/Alves debate.

I guess when it comes to the City Council, most people will just follow the Herald News endorsements but I think those only come out before the general election.

Perhaps this needs some review for relevance, but why not just use the same questions posed to the Mayoral candidates from the Speak Up Fall River Forum?

I think the addresses of the candidates can be obtained from the Board of Elections office. If there was an effort to videotape responses for all 29 candidates, I would be happy to join the effort.

I can help schedule interviews, videotape, ask questions, or keep time, but I must say I may not be very helpful in editing the video.

Maybe we can even have the folks from Speak Up Fall River to join in the effort?

Yes I am the same Anon from previous posts. All these pseudonames makes me feel like Benjamin Franklin.

Lefty said...

Poor Richard would have been a great choice..wish I had thought of it!

I think the questions need to be someone different because councilors serve a different role.

Any effort to tape responses from the candidates should probably be done for local access cable and I defer that to Jason.