Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet the Candidates 2007

Available for viewing on local access cable only (ch95). This is the 5 minutes per candidate show. Considering the number of candidates running for various positions this is a great way to get at least some sort of sense of who is who. I would urge you to search it out. A program schedule for Ch95 can be found here.

Each candidate was invited to participate, not all of them did. I was asked by a friend to view this, not to blog about it but simply so we could go over each other's impressions. With so many candidates I decided to make some quick short hand notes to refer back to. These notes were not meant to be in depth, just little points to help trigger my memory. However after reading them over I though they would be interesting to share with you.

So, I've applied a light polish and gave each candidate a report grade for their performance on this program. Please remember my comments are not meant to reflect my opinion on the candidate, just on their performance on this program.

Mayor - It's this simple, I want to hear what you want to do and realistically how are you going to do it. Because the people the need to see you as a leader all the bonus points come from how much poise you bring to the podium!

Al Alves – He doesn't come off well here. Al isn't always the most polished speaker and here he comes off clumsy and tough to follow. It's really a horrible impression. Al would have been better off skipping this. D-

Manny Alves – Started off strong, shockingly so, stumbled a bit here and there. More coherent than Al! Comes off better than I would have thought, The definition of 'long-shot candidate', still he comes off well enough here that I wonder if he should have run for council! The only LNG candidate! C+

Bob Correia – Polished! He knows what he’s doing here and it shows. Rhetoric! Stealing from Reagan with mentions of shining city and best days are ahead. I'm growing a bit bored with the 'look at all I've done as State Rep.' sales pitch. Come election day I'm thinking if Bob's such a good State Rep. he needs to stay there. I want more details on how he is going to accomplish his goals. Still his presentation is really good, always looking at the camera, not referencing notes, is he using a teleprompter? A

Brad Kilby – Looks bad after Correia, flubbing a little. You would think he would be a better orator since he’s a lawyer. He really should work with a coach. I think Kilby has the ability to leave the podium behind and connect with people in a more conversational style but he's not doing it here. Am I the only one who thinks he looked better with hair? Disappointing. B

Kenneth Medeiros – WOW. I don't know where to begin. I'm not impressed, except perhaps by Mr. Medeiros' ego. Someone needs to let him know that many others have had the same ideas as him. F

Eric Poulin - So far second only to Correia. Looks good. Those who like to say he's too young should see him here. Good job at getting out his platform. Good at stressing specifics. Not as comfortable with the camera as Correia but overall very good. A-

Bill Whitty – Polished, assured – He’s smooth, not a lot of details on hows but he’s smooth. You can tell that He and Correia have been doing this a long time. He's not as polished as Bob and neither of them hit the platform points as well as Poulin. A-

City Council - Making the pitch is tough in Fall River the council has limited power and seems more of a reactionary body vs. proactive one. Still a candidate needs to show that he or she knows the issues and has some ideas they want to try to put through.

Tim Bennett – I could support a Green Futures candidate! Not polished but conversational folksy style. Good impression B+

Jamie Boulay – He comes off well, seems sincere but I'm not connecting with him. Why do I get the feeling this guy already has plans to run for mayor? B

Steven Camara – Good delivery, getting out issues, former councilor, really making good use of his time. A-

Mike Canuel – Comes across pretty well on camera. Instead of the usual campaign pitch he decides to tell a 'make a difference story', it seems a little preachy. Nice story but it’s not getting my vote. I feel like I'm in church. B

Brian Dias – nice resume, speaking specifics, seems detailed. B

CJ Ferry – He’s keeping my interest, but wrong on some facts, It’s easy to point out issues without offering any real solutions. Quoting form Wiki?! At least his blog is somewhat interesting. B-

Ray Hague – Hyping his record, makes sense because he is running for re-election. Not as polished as I would expect but pretty good. Kind of bouncing between speech and informal talk. OOPS I disagree with him on Government Center (He wants to demolish it). With Kilby, Alves, and Whitty gone I think he’s a shoo-in. B+

Michael Lund – Fiery, lots of rhetoric, not much detail. Lund and his family developed and own Borden Light Marina. Not sure if Borden Light is his legacy or his families. Also the Lund's had some controversy over plans to build a high-rise down there, that makes me concerned about his agenda. B -

Michael Miozza – Well thought out speech. Here is a guy who has put a lot of thought of what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. His efforts against the Hess LNG plant lend to his credibility. He's really laying out the basics well and providing specifics! Outstanding. A

Americo Miranda – Not bad, but I’m not impressed. Lots of buzz words, reciting the issues, but few solutions. B

Pat Richards – Good charisma, not enough specifics...good intentions no platform! C+

Gus Suneson – Grim, reciting the city issues, not offering much..asks if I’m tired of rhetoric while offering pretty much nothing but rhetoric! I’m so-so on Gus. Could be an interesting talk show host! Still he's a former councillor and that gives him an edge. B-

Richard Urban – Seems sincere, not enough substance. Can't put my finger on it but I like him! C+

Cathy Ann Viveiros – seems to know her stuff, very polished this is almost an infomercial compared to the rest. This might be the best City Council pitch. A+

Paul Viveros – Very personable, Allegations without specifics! With his very public issues with the city I have to think of him as the 'I have an Agenda' candidate! B-

School Committee - Again limited power makes the pitch difficult. Incumbents basically say how they've kept the system on track while pushing for improvement while challengers say they will keep it on track and push for improvement. I'm scoring a little easy here, I could easily take everyone down a grade.

Kevin Aguiar – Rhetoric! but he comes off well and is actually pretty smooth with his delivery. B

Shawn Cadime – Nothing overly impressive here, is 1 term ‘proven leadership’? B-

CJ Ferry – Easy to bring up issues! Rhetoric! Not impressed with his thinking, impressed me more in his City Council pitch. C

Joseph Martins – experienced, knowledgeable, seems like he would be deserving. Wonder if he would have issues being a committee person after serving as superintendent and director at Diman? Would he find it tough not being in the role of leader? A-

Marilyn Morin Roderick - She's not offering much detail, but you feel she's very sincere in her intentions. I'm impressed that she visits so many schools. B+

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Jason Caminiti said...

By way of comment I wanted to point out a dissapointing fact that only 15 of the 29 Council candidates and only 5 of the 15 School Committee bothered to show up for this opportunity. Kudos to those who did show up. To me that shows an interest in letting the community know what you are about. This was an opportunity to show us, the voters, who you are and what you stand for.

I am particularly disappointed by the fact that only ONE City Councilor running for re-election showed up. I thought Ray Hague did a wonderful job. I was happy to see that he cares about Public Access and the community of Fall River.

Also, I would like to thank all 7 Mayoral Candidates that showed up, as well as all of the candidates that took the time to show me who they are. This is a huge deal in swaying my personal vote for you. So thank you for telling me what you stand for, as well as just showing up and showing me you care.

Lefty said...


Although while watching and taking notes I was glad that 25 candidates for various office skipped this I agree it is a tragic missed opportunity, both for the candidate and the voter. Perhaps these candidates feel they can get their message out adequately on their own. I would say they are wrong.