Saturday, August 04, 2007

Has My Ego Gotten The Best Of Me?

If your looking at the blog today and you're noticing the A View From Battleship Cove travel mug, you may be wondering if maybe I'm taking the blog a little too seriously, if maybe my ego has gotten the best of me.

Well rest assured that is not the case. During a casual conversation I mentioned that I wish I could set up an online store. What I meant was a way to link to different Fall River and SouthCoast items and host them all in one place my friend mentioned

It's not what I meant but after checking it out and poking around the internet I started playing around on and was amused with the results. (Hey it IS a pretty good looking mug!) So after a little tweaking and playing around I've thrown together, um I mean carefully crafted some 'official' merchandise.
So while I really don't expect to get rich from the sale of blog merchandise I put it out there for your entertainment. (Of course if you really want to buy something be sure to check out the panel at the bottom of this page!)

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