Friday, August 03, 2007

Fall River Bridge Similiar In Design To One That Collapsed In Minnesota

According to a news story from WJAR, there are 27 bridges in Massachusetts similar in design to the one that collapsed in Minnesota on August 1st and one of them is in Fall River!

One of the bridges is located in Fall River on Route 79 northbound over Route 79 southbound.

Based on the description above I assume they are talking about the elevated section of Route 79 just north of the Braga Bridge, running parallel to Heritage State Park. Although the news story states that there is no concerns that any of the of the 27 bridges is at risk of collapsing there were issues of concrete debris falling from the elevated sections of Route 79 which prompted the installation of metal grid work to keep such debris from falling down to the roadway below. The bridge in Fall River, like the one in Minnesota is approximately 40 years old.

The city has been trying to move forward with plans to eliminate the elevated sections of Route 79 and combine it with Davol Street into a "pedestrian friendly boulevard".

Of course any talk of collapsing roadways will remind anyone from Fall River of the ceiling tiles that fell from the Government Center Tunnel in 1999.

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