Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Candidate Websites

Here is a list of the various Fall River City Council candidate websites.

City Council
Bob Braga
Jamie Boulay
CJ Ferry
Cathy Ann Viveiros
Mike Miozza

School Committee

Joe Martins
CJ Ferry

Thanks to my anonymous poster for providing the information in the comments of another post! Also you may find a visit interesting. Lastly, if anyone knows of a site not listed here please feel free to provide it.


Papamoka said...

You might find the Gun Toting Liberal interesting and then again you might find Bring IT ON a great read as well. Check the links over at Papamoka and I think you will find some great writers and interesting points of view on many topics. My biggest recommend must read is Michael Linn Jones though. He is Mark Twain all over again.

Thank you for your link to Papamoka Lefty! I appreciate your support and your readers.

Lefty said...

Thanks papamoka,

I had meant candidate websites for the upcoming Fall River elections, but I'm more than glad to help provide a little attention to your blog and agree the blogs you mention are worth checking out!