Friday, August 17, 2007

Candidates for City Council, where are you?

Comments in a recent blog post have pointed out an all to obvious fact. There has been next to no coverage of the City Council race! With three council candidates running for Mayor we are guaranteed to have three new councilors this next session yet with few exceptions does anyone have any idea who is running for City Council? Why they are running? What initiatives they hope to put through? What they think they can bring to the council?

Hello Council Candidate! It's pretty obvious this close to the election that your chance to make an impression on the voting public is rapidly disappearing!

Well I'm a member of the voting public and I'd like to make an informed decision about which nine councilors to vote for, so if you read this drop me a line, provide me with a link to your website and a way to get in touch with your campaign.

I wait for your reply.


Anonymous said...


I was just thinking about this. Even if it is 15 minutes per candidate, 29 candidates = 7.25 hours!!

So, even if these were filmed over the course of a weekend, it would have to air seperately to be bearable. I think the best way would be to have multiple stations where several candidates can be interviewed at the same time in different locations.

If it were 3 or 4 candidates at a time, we can get 9 to 12 candidates per hour taking into consideration a few minutes of prep time in between candidates. Even at 9 candidates per hour, it would take just over 3 hours. I think this is a good weekend project!

Any takers?

Having problems with logging in so I posted as Anon again.

Lefty said...

Well my thought would be 2-3 minutes per candidate per question. Each question would air as its own show. So now we would be talking about 1 1/2 running time. 2-3 minutes may seem brief but I think it's roughly the time allowed in the Mayoral Forum.

Anonymous said...

Speak Up Fall River will partner with the International Institute of Culinary Arts to host An Evening with the City Council Candidates on Wednesday evening, September 5, 2007, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Great Hall at the Abbey Grill, 100 Rock Street, Fall River. All candidates have been invited to participate. This exciting event is free and open to the public. Free hors d'oeuvres will be prepared by the students of the International Institute of Culinary Arts with the ingredients provided by sponsors throughout the area. A cash bar will be open.

Anonymous said...

To find candidates' websites visit

Right now I only know of

Also, FRCTV (Channel 95 on Comcast) will air a segment on the candidates the week before the election.

Lefty said...

Thanks Anon,

I just found about the Evening with City Council Candidates on Sunday and just didn't have time to blog on it until today, so I appreciate the mention.

I will try to assemble the City Council Candidate links in one post!

Thanks again!