Friday, August 03, 2007

Axe Murder in August a Familiar Story

If you live in Fall River it is a familiar story. It's an August day and an elderly couple is brutally murdered in their home. The cause of death is massive trauma to the head inflicted with with an axe.

The lone suspect is none other than the couple's child and some say the reason is because one of the elderly parents killed a beloved pet.

It's a very familiar story, and those familiar with the history of Lizzie Borden will point out that it was her father and step-mother, that it was a hatchet and not an axe, and so and so forth, except in this case it's not Lizzie Borden.

It seems that Stephen Alexander Harper killed both his parents with an axe, in their home, in August of 2006. Supposedly he killed them in anger because he believed his mother has poisoned his cat. Unlike Lizzie, Mr. Harper will not be acquitted, he pleaded guilty to the crime and awaits sentencing, but it does make you wonder do these things always happen in August?

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