Monday, July 02, 2007

The Story of Lizzie Borden told on Radio

After featuring the story of Lizzie Borden in June's SouthCoast photo of the month, quite by coincidence while searching the internet for news of and about Fall River I came across this interesting post on the Mondo Lizzie Borden blog!

Crime Classics, a radio show that aired from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954 featured On the Bloody, Bloody Banks of Fall River for it's broadcast on Wednesday September 30, 1953.

Featuring Irene Tedrow as Lizzie Borden the other performers were Herb Butterfield, Jeanette Nolan, Bill Johnstone, Betty Harford, Sarah Selby, and Paul Frees.

An amusing listen today, but one has to wonder what Fall Riverites thought of in back in the Autumn of 1953!

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