Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Speak Up Fall River Mayoral Forum - Summary

What follows is the summary on the previous the previous 2 posts on the 1st mayoral forum. To view the previous posts click on the links below.

Speak Up Fall River Mayoral Forum Part I

Speak Up Fall River Mayoral Forum Part 2

Score Card

Eric Poulin - 5
Brad Kilby - 3
Dave Sullivan -2
Bill Whitty - 0
Al Alves - 0
Bob Correia - 0

Looking at my score card I see that I named Eric Poulin the winner in 5 of the 10 questions and I'm not surprised. Eric showed much more poise than I would have expected for someone who has not run for office before. His answers on the whole seemed the most achievable, the most grounded in reality, and the most specific. People who have been dismissive of him really need to take another look or at the very least explain why their candidate of choice failed to live up to expectations in this forum. Brad Kilby came in second place and this kind of shocked me. I like Kilby I believe that he has the reputation of hard working, diligent public servant and I've known ever since he first ran for school commitee that eventually he would run for mayor, but in this race Brad is usually said to be in the second tier behind Correia, Whitty and Sullivan and maybe I've let that affect my thinking because Kilby certainly debated like someone who is ready to win. Dave Sullivan picked up the final 2 points on my scorecard but to be honest he didn't debate as well as he should have and I think that you can make the argument that Whitty or Correia debates as well or better despite not getting and points. Bill Whitty despite not winning any points did have several strong moments and I think really was able to project the 'experienced leader' persona. I found myself liking Al Alves more than I have in the passed, I found Alves someone who displayed passion and sincerity but his answers constantly lacked specific details. I think perhaps Bob Correia was the big loser of the debate, arriving late and seeming tired and a little unprepared. Bob would like to convey that he is the experienced leader but I found that instead of winning me over with his vision as mayor, that too often he leaned on his accomplishments as a state rep instead. Strong leadership is important but so is strong vision and the ability to inspire and I'm just not convinced that Bob Correia has the vision or the inspiration to lead this city.

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