Monday, July 23, 2007

Photographers Wanted

With July quickly coming to a close it's almost time to select this month's SouthCoast photo. Now, it was my hope that the SouthCoast Photo feature would foster some blog participation, maybe boost readership and give us a broader view of the SouthCoast region and although I have had some submissions most of the photos have been my own.

I suppose that's fine, I certainly have enough photos to keep the segment going and it's easy enough to take more, but I would really like your participation.

It's not necessary to be Ansel Adams, all you need is a camera and the resources to email me a picture. The picture can be off anything, as long as it's SouthCoast related.

So if you reside somewhere else but have visited the area, send me a vacation shot, if you do live in the area take a picture of a favorite site, an unknown corner, or the wildflowers growing in your yard. Feel free to provide a description and history of the photo and other information of interest. Send them to

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