Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Need for Debates

In today's Herald News there's a news story where mayoral candidate Eric Poulin is calling for more candidate debates.

All the candidates interviewed seem more than willing to debate and let their views be heard and contrasted against their opponents. The story goes on to detail efforts between the Herald News and WSAR to hold four candidate forums, two before the preliminary election and two after.

Lefty's view: Considering the number of candidates (seven) and the number of issues that currently face our city, two debates before the preliminary election is just not enough. If the candidates are as willing to debate as they seem to be, I say let them debate! As many debates as can reasonably be squeezed into the time before the preliminary election. Let's take the opportunity to learn something about these candidates! After twelve years with Ed Lambert as mayor I need some assurances that his replacement will be up to the task and these candidates deserve the chance to express their views before five of them are eliminated! The more debates that we have the more chance that someone will step into the voting booth and make an educated choice and not one based on name recognition, longevity or who has the most signs. Don't we deserve that?

**BRAVO to Candidate Eric Poulin for making the first Mayoral debate available on his website! In doing so Eric is putting the voters ahead of his own campaign. I for one was unable to attend the debate, but look forward to being able to watch it. Thanks Eric!


CV said...

I heard something that was a tad concerning and really walks the ethics line. I hope it is not true! Is Eric Poulin, Keri Rodriguez's Mr. X? If this is the case he is privy to all sorts of inside information including the debate questions before hand. This raises a lot of questions in my mind as a voter. What are we voting for if we support Poulin for Mayor?

Lefty said...


I should first say, that I have no first hand knowledge, but listening to Keri's show I believe that she has said that Mr. X wasn't Eric Poulin.

Based on the descriptions she has given and little snippets that she has said I'm pretty sure it's not Eric Poulin.

Getting that out of the way, you ask "what are we voting for if we support Eric Poulin" and I would say that is exactly why we need more debates! So you'll have an idea of why you should or shouldn't support a particular candidate.

Most candidates also have a website where you can do a little more homework on their platforms and since you ask specifically about Eric Poulin, I will say that I have found him to be very accessible and willing to talk about his platform.

So I hope that addresses your concerns, if not give me another comment!

Anonymous said...

The dirty politics starts already? Somebody's polling must not be going too well. Keri addressed this issue on her show today and Mr. X called in to the show and he definitely isn't a mayoral candidate. Also, the first debate was conducted by Speak Up Fall River and not Keri or WSAR. Let's get our facts straight before we sling mud or better yet let's not sling mud at all.

Lefty said...

To make this clear, mudslinging will not be tolerated.

I allowed the first comment simply so I could make the point that to the best of my knowledge that it wasn't true and I am quite certain that I am correct in this. I had this rumor before and thought this might be an opportunity to denounce it. I also wanted restate that one of the best ways to learn about a candidate is through forums and debates.

Perhaps I should have simply deleted it.

The second commenter (not counting my own) is correct to point out that Speak Up Fall River conducted the first candidate forum, not the radio station.