Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's not just U.S. trade policies that hurt American companies...

Interesting article in the Providence Journal (Registration Required) about Vanson Leather here in Fall River.

Vanson is the largest American manufacture of leather motorcycle jackets and apparel, with a world wide reputation. Many consider Vanson's products simply the best, high end gear for professional riders and customers who want the protection and look of top quality gear.

Despite the high prices commanded premuim gear, Vanson once enjoyed over 10 million dollars a year in sales, now they are earning about half that and blame U.S. foreign policy, specifically in Iraq, for the sales decline. It's owner Mike Vanderseesen's contention that foreign consumers displeased with U.S. policies refuse to purchase American made products and his company is suffering as a result.


Roger Williams said...

They're actually blaming American foreign policy, not trade policy.

Dr. Momentum said...

Yeah, but it's all good. Remember how much France suffered when genius congresscritters renamed their French Fries into Freedom Fries?

"Business is war," say the keiretsu.