Thursday, July 26, 2007

Candidate Websites

“I didn’t realize a Web site was part of the criteria for running for mayor..." Representative Bob Correia

Over and over I hear that we, the voters, need to educate ourselves about the people who run for public office. This isn't as easy as it sounds, there are no books in the public library about the life and times of a candidate, the local media doesn't cover everything in depth. Candidates walk neighborhoods but I've yet to see one, they send mailers but I certainly haven't gotten one from every candidate. Debates and forums are a great way to learn about the different stances but you need to attend one or hope that it will be made available on cable or some other source because again the media isn't going to cover it in depth. So how does a voter educate themselves? Well a great tool for a candidate to get his message across and for a voter to take to the time to learn is a candidate's website. A candidate's platform, event schedule, information about the candidate himself, and more is available right from my desk!

Really today the technology exists so that any candidate can have a website, heck, I could do a fair job of using blogger to post a campaign platform, contact info, and events, so really to have a presence on the internet just isn't that hard and in fact most of our mayoral candidates do.

Although it is fairly easy to find most candidate's websites using a Google search I'm providing links to them here.

Representative Bob Correia
Representative Dave Sullivan
City Councillor Brad Kilby
City Councillor Bill Whitty
City Councillor Al Alves
Eric Poulin
Kenneth Medeiros - NO SITE FOUND*
Manuel O. Alves - NO SITE FOUND*

Also see More Candidate Websites

If anyone knows of a website for Mr. Medeiros or Mr Manuel Alves please contact me at so I may update this post.


Dr. Momentum said...

Does trolling the neo-luddite vote in Fall River provide some sort of advantage?

Can you imagine a candidate who said something like: "I didn’t realize that having someone answer the campaign headquarter's phones was part of the criteria for running for mayor..."

It seems like a boneheaded statement to me. MA is 6th in the nation for effective use of the web by in government. Maybe with the right candidate in office, Fall River can re-establish the Pony Express and smoke signals.

Anonymous said...


The abyssmal quality of these websites is appauling. They could provide much more information about the candidates and their positions. Similarly, I hear about candidates going door-to-door but have yet to see any in my neighborhood. I think a lot of these candidates are simply banking on name recognition to carry them through this election.

Lefty said...

Well shame on me I had forgotten to link the Herald News article that the quote came from, and I did use only a partial quote..not really out of context but I wanted the link so you folks could read it in its entirety. That's fixed!

So perhaps. Dr. M the state rep. isn't quite the neo-luddite I made him out to be, then again maybe he is. A couple of observations Bob Correia seems to have issues with Eric Poulin in general so I chalk that up to his response as much as anything else, but like you I believe that a campaign website should be commonplace. I have no web site design experience but if I were to run for school committee I certainly could use something like blogger to put out the message.

And Anon,
I really think the quality is acceptable. It covers the basics. Could they do more? Sure and in fact some do a much better job than others. I'm really not to concerned with the 'slickness' of it and I'm not shocked that the info is the usual glossy campaign fluff and neither should you be, but somewhere in all of that are positions and opinions and you can get an idea of what a person is running on. You will still have to figure out if it makes sense and if they can do it!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add the lack of websites for City Council and School Committee candidates. I would really like to vote for some of these incumbents, but they make it so difficult when they don't even have webpages.

I especially have a petpeeve with campaign signs that have web addresses on them and then there is no website at that URL (Brian Dias, Mike Lund). Seriously, these 29 candidates for City Council have to be the saddest collection of candidates ever assembled.

Check out these inadequate sites... (includes Twisted Sister song)

Dr. Momentum said...

I didn't mean to imply that Correia himself was a neo-luddite. But his comment (apparently a shot at Poulin?) seems designed to appeal to people who think having a website is some sort of triviality. And that's puzzling.

Websites are about communication. A candidate's understanding of that (or lack thereof) speaks to their willingness and ability to leverage technology (and any tools) to accomplish their job.

But it goes beyond that. I don't have time to go into why the word "tool" is probably not quite accurate here.

I am dubious about a mayor who would pander to neo-luddites. But, then, I'm not voting in that election anyhow.

Roger Williams said...

A website is but one tool among many to communicate with voters. If a candidate believes he or she can communicate with voters more effectively through targeted mailing, radio and TV appearance, et al? Then it would, in fact, be a triviality, and hiring a web developer becomes a luxury option.

I don't think it's fair to call anyone who questions the need for a website for everything a neo-luddite. Sometimes, it's just practical.

Lefty said...


I agree that City Council and School Committee candidate websites would be a very nice addition! With almost 30 candidates for council and about half that for school committee we should expect more effort for these people to get their message out. I also have to agree that the two sites you provide links for are inadequate.

And Dr., blame me for stretching your comment to include Correia himself. I think in the case of local politics websites are certainly a tool and if used correctly an effective one. Consider it the ultimate mailer, or perhaps the door to door visit, only it's the voter who is coming to the door of the candidate. I think someone like Bob Correia may prefer to pander to those who think that websites are just silly technology because as an established candidate with strong name recognition, a strong organization, and strong fund raising ability, he has the means to reach them.

Anonymous said...

I went to the site and I watched the You Tube video from his "Linguiica Sandwiches with Bob" event. Can anyone tell me what box he's talking about? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Other candidate websites can be found at