Monday, May 28, 2007

The Return of the Chainpod!

Back in October I blogged about a chainpod, a clever, simple little device that can anyone can make on their own and is portable enough for the average photographer to always have on hand.

It consists of a 1/4 key and some chain and basically serves the same function as a monopod. The big difference is a monopod stabilizes the camera by giving you, the photographer something to rest the camera on, a chainpod uses the tension you create by holding the camera and stepping on the other end of the chain to make it taunt.

Back in October I had hoped to put one together and do a follow up blog post. Well the funny thing is I bought all the stuff, drilled the key and let it sit until I was ready to do the post. Well it has sat for a long time!

Today, with plans to go to Fall River's Memorial Day Parade and fearing some overcast weather (which turned out to be groundless as the day was 'picture' perfect!) I decided to throw together the chainpod and have it on hand in case I found myself taking pictures in low-light conditions where the stability of a 'pod' would be a must.

My quick test after assembly showed some definite improvement with the chainpod (the top photo was with the chainpod and the bottom without, in case there was any doubt) but I really need to use it more to get a feel for it. the total cost was probably about $6 and I bought more chain than I really needed. I really think the chainpod could be made even cheaper, smaller and lighter by using good thin nylon rope securely knotted through the key and with the other end knotted through something big enough to step on.

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Dr. Momentum said...

The thin nylon rope bunches in your pocket, tends to knot, and doesn't fall from your hand as easily as the chain does.

You are correct, though, that it is cheaper and it does work as well for steadying your camera.