Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fall River Spirit Profiles Keri Rodrigues

The Fall River Spirit, the weekly free newspaper has profiled WSAR's Keri Rodrigues in a piece entitled Advocate.

My original intent on mentioning this was just to bring it to the attention of those who might not read the Fall River Spirit. However after reading the article over a few times I find myself being fairly unimpressed and critical of it.

To start the accompanying photograph has to be the most unflattering picture the photographer could have taken. Really! If your going to do a feature on someone at least take a good picture!

The first half of the article pretty much gives us Keri's background. She wanted to be a talk show host from the age of 6, David Brudnoy was an early inspiration, went to Temple, several stops including Worcester and Providence before coming here to Fall River. We then have the obligatory flattering quote by the boss, a few quotes from Keri herself about how she feels about the role of the media in democracy, how she feels about Fall River, its people and its future and inserted in all that is the one paragraph that speaks to advocacy.

The article is entitled "Advocate", yet that part is summed up in one paragraph!

Rodrigues has been visible and active in the Fall River area, not the least of which are the area schools. She has worked with the Coalition for the Responsible Siting of LNG, and is the chairwoman of the SouthCoast American Diabetes Association. This past holiday season she was part of a day-long fund-raiser for the Salvation Army which raised more than $5,000 for the charity.

That's it?!

Because Keri can be controversial, because she has been interactive and until recently had her own blog, I have blogged about Keri before. I think fairly, I have some issues with her 'style' but I give her VERY high marks on her advocacy.

It would be very easy for Keri to host her show, go home to her dog, sit back and wait for a better job to come along, but MUCH to her credit she has gotten very involved in the community. In fact she MOVED to Fall River from very nearby providence to be part of the community. She has spoken out on LNG, attended rallies, used her show to grill our representation and make them address an issue they might not want to. When John Kerry came down and spoke at an LNG rally at Weaver's Cove it was because Keri Rodrigues used her show to advocate the issue and put pressure on Senator Kerry to come stand with the people of the SouthCoast. She has championed the cause of diabetes but the article does not mention that she too suffers from diabetes or that the incidence of diabetes has risen sharply in the Fall River area in just the last few years. Of course there are some who feel she is sometimes unfair (PROJO link registration required) in championing her causes.

I think it's great the Keri is getting some mention for her advocacy. I just wish the author had made more effort to actually write about the things she advocates.


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