Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Isn't Jacome Running?

F. George Jacome, a two time mayoral candidate announced he would not be making a 3rd run for office.

Jacome nearly defeated incumbent Ed Lambert in 2003 but failed to inspire the same type of support in his second attempt in 2005.

According the the Herald News article Mr. Jacome felt that support was there for another run and that the large field of candidates would have actually given him a better chance at victory, but in the end he decided that for his family this was not the right time to make a run for mayor.

"Ultimately, the decision came down along personal lines. Politically, I should be in the race, but three consecutive races as a challenger was just too difficult a path for me and my family to take this year," Jacome explained. "We looked at the kind of year we wanted, and this just wasn't part of it."

Mr. Jacome had earlier ruled out running for City Council or School Committee.

Lefty's View: Despite the positive outlook expressed in the paper, I have strong doubts that George Jacome could be a serious contender for Mayor in 2007. In 2003 Jacome certainly benefited from being the only serious opponent of the incumbent and as such received the anti-Lambert vote. In 2005 Jacome's name recognition and that fact he nearly beat the incumbent 2 years before certainly aided his getting through the primary but he failed to be a serious challenge to Ed Lambert. In 2007, unable to run as the anti-incumbent, Jacome would face a crowded field filled with established politicians who have both the name recognition and fundraising ability to wage a spirited campaign. It's a challenge that I don't think a Jacome campaign could overcome.

That said, it is my opinion that with 3 vacancies on the City Council (Councillors, Whitty, Alves, and Kilby all running for Mayor) and with his name recognition, and the ability to rally former supporters George Jacome could easily win a Council seat. Jacome has expressed a desire to help shape Fall River's future. He has introduced interesting ideas and I think his voice would be a welcome one on the City Council.

Why isn't he running?


Anonymous said...

The article is clear that it was a family decision not to run. Why is he not running? The answer is right there, he talked it over with his family and they decided against it.

Perhaps he's not running for City Council or School Committee because he is not interested in being a City Councillor or School Committee member. It is probably the same reason why everyone else doesn't run for those positions.

Cearly Jacome was more interested and more effective as the Mayor. I don't really see the point of this post.

Could Jacome win a seat on the City Council? Absolutely. However, he is either not interested or his family decided against it. Why try to encourage a candidacy that's not going to happen? He has aready stated he's not interested in those offices.

Lefty said...


I'm just questioning whether the 'family' response could be a canned excuse because he'd rather not discuss his doubts about his legitamacy as a candidate.

I'm also questioning why he wouldn't consider a Council run. Perhaps he and his family really do feel that this just isn't the time to make a run for office. Perhaps he feels a run for anything less than Mayor reflects poorly on him or is beneath him.

I'm stating my opinion that for a man who has implied an interest in helping shape Fall River's future the opportunity is there. Given his base of support and name recognition, a Council run wouldn't be nearly as strenuous as a run for Mayor and I really do feel that Jacome would be a welcome presence on the City Council. If that is encouraging a Jacome candidacy, or more to the point encourages Jacome to become a candidate, good! If this simply generated more discussion at the corner store or the kitchen table, good! That's the point of the post.

Anonymous said...


I think that it is obvious that Jacome would struggle in this year's Mayoral race. As pointed out, there are several established candidates with name recognition and the ability to fundraise. Certainly the number of the field hurts Jacome.

I agree that the City Council would be the place for him right now and that candidacy would not be as difficult as a Mayoral race.

However, Jacome has already dismissed this option. So, what's the point of even bringing it up again?

David said...

Isn't it just to discuss why he is dismissing a council seat now when he was interested in one previously?

I guess I don't understand your consternation here Anon. People debate lots of things that they have no say or control over all the time because it's an interesting mental excersize. Ive spent the past couple of days talking with Red Sox fans about Jonathan Papbelbon's move back to the bullpen, and regardless of what any of our discussions conclude, that's where he's going to go because none of us have any say in it. Should people stop discussing everything in life altogether? No.

Lefty said...

Interesting you mention Papbelbon, Dave.

Here is a guy who from the end of last year to just about a week ago we heard NOTHING but he's in the starting rotation for 2007..he will NOT be the closer this year, yet all of a sudden he IS the closer for this year!

Apparently an option once dismissed CAN be reconsidered!

If it's any comfort Anon..I somewhat doubt Mr. Jacome reads my blog and I certainly don't get enough traffic to motivate a "Draft Jacome" movement.

Roger Williams said...

You're all missing the point. Brad Kilby will crush his opponents and grasp victory in his sweaty, meaty hands. His victory is ineluctable. Submit voluntarily before you are overpowered.