Saturday, March 24, 2007

Should We Send This to Leno?

The subject matter is serious. A sex offender, who pleaded guilty of to sexually assaulting 2 Fall River boys over 30 years ago is trying to gain his freedom. The state, believing he is still a threat is trying to keep him locked up.

Wayne W. Chapman who at one time claimed to have molested 50-100 boys and was a suspect in at least 2 missing children cases, finished serving a 30 year prison sentence in 2004 the state has kept him locked up since then believing he will re offend.

The idea that this man may gain his freedom and walk the streets is disturbing. In light of this the Herald News article seems bizarrely in poor taste.

Okay, so maybe it's a mild double entendre but still isn't anyone proof-reading over there at the Herald News?


Papamoka said...

I'm of the opinion that once someone harms a child sexually that they are never to be put free in our society. I don't care if you were a former Priest or a sicko of the worst kind. Somewhere in the back of that persons head is a demon that nobody will ever know if it will ever be released on God fearing society again.

Protecting the children for generations to come is far more important than letting this sick bastard loose on the streets. Not in my back yard mentality holds true when it comes to sexual predators and self confessed murderers of children.

I vote that they hold him till the casket closes.

Lefty said...

This was really an odd post to write up because the thing that caught my attention was the unfortunate wording of the headline and that was a little bit funny, but the subject matter isn't.

As much as I would like to tell myself that I can be fair and impartial when it comes to crimes against children I find myself to be intolerant and unforgiving.

Wayne Chapman is a monster and while I'm not sure if a life sentence is appropriate, I certainly don't want to see him set free.