Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can Bus Drivers Really Be This Stupid?

From the Fall River Herald News:

A Tremblay School bus driver and a bus monitor were suspended without pay after a kindergarten student was left on a school bus early Monday afternoon.

What?! How the hell does this happen? Can bus drivers really be this stupid?

According to the article in the Providence Journal [registration required] the child was found crying in a Fall River bus yard. The child apparently failed to transfer to a second bus in order to get to school and apparently the bus driver and a monitor failed to notice the child was still on the bus.

I just don't get this, two people on a bus and neither one notices there is still a child aboard when they park the damn thing and leave it unattended in a lot?! People, a school bus is just not that big. It would take seconds to walk down the aisle and check each seat to make sure that the bus was empty and nothing was left behind. Truthfully I'm rather puzzled why with two people aboard why this wouldn't have been done at the 'transfer point' and certainly it should just be policy when parking the bus.

Of course there is a lot of outrage, and potential police investigations and the school committee is looking into fining companies for such things in the future and the bus company says they are going to see how to improve safety procedures, but to me the solution is already there; a quick walking inspection at drop-offs when the bus is supposed to be empty and at any time the bus is parked and left vacant. As a school district we should demand be demanding this be done, the bus company should already be doing it, and something like this should never happen again.

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Dr. Momentum said...

Yes, one wonders how this can happen. And how the initial reaction could have been so halfhearted.