Friday, February 23, 2007

Where in the World is Keri Rodrigues?!

Yesterday I received an email that Keri Rodrigues blog may have been shut down.

Honestly I thought I someone was pulling my leg, I had read Keri's blog post about City Councilor and Mayoral candidate Brad Kilby the day before and had even caught some of her show, no I was sure I was the victim of a practical joke.

So I quickly went to log on to confirm my suspicion and found...nothing! The blog was gone and I was redirected to some ad site. Puzzled I wondered what happened.

It was about 3:40 so I clicked on the radio and tuned in 1480 WSAR figuring I would gain some insight. Instead I heard what was obviously a best of show and now I really was scratching my head.

I thought back to Wednesday's show, Keri had been talking about an email she received from the Friends of Brad Kilby, obviously some people in the Kilby campaign felt that Keri had been disrespectful, to Councilor Kilby and that her comments bordered on slander and libel. The email went on to indicate that similar comment by Keri in the future would have some sort of repercussion for both the radio station and her personally.

Now keep in mind I didn't hear the comments she made about Brad Kilby on Tuesday's show. I only had a vague idea about them from reading her blog and I knew that they had provoked a reaction from the Kilby campaign. I also have listened to Keri enough to know that sometimes she resorts to verbal assassination.

So here it is 3:50, Keri's blog is GONE, and I'm listening to canned Keri on the I'm thinking WOW they FIRED her. I'm a bit shocked but not 100% surprised, after all she really does provoke a reaction. I'm wondering just what did she say about Brad Kilby?! I contact another area SouthCoast blogger looking for some information. He too found out that her blog was down but didn't know any more than I did.

Now, I try to go back to her blog and I'm redirected to an adult website! WHOA, I know in the past Keri has hyped the blog to get more traffic but this seems a bit much!!

It's just after 4 o'clock and after the news break Keri is on the air live, she explains that she couldn't been on for the first hour because she was dealing with an internet issue, and elaborates that her blog has been hijacked!

I'm amused that the circumstances led me to jump to a conclusion but figure it'll be fun to post on the blog.

Because clicking on the link for Keri's blog can bring up some pretty damn explicit porn, I'm disabling the link.

Keri, I would love a shout out letting me know when the issue is fixed so I can set the link back up. ~ Thanks!

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Roger Williams said...

The explanation is obvious - Brad Kilby has crushed Keri Rodrigues in his inexorable march towards victory! Keri, in shame, abandoned her blogspot URL and sold it (for food stamps) to porn/pill spammers.

Kilby Über Alles!