Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Here is February's SouthCoast Photo of the month!

This shot titled "Looking up at the Battleship" was by a friend of mine on his visit to Fall River's Battleship Cove.

To me this photo really conveys the enormousness and might one feels when seeing the Big Mamie up close.

Great shot Dave!

Are you an avid picture taker? Do you have a shot you're particularly proud of? Perhaps just a shot that you'd like to share? Submit it here for the SouthCoast Photo of the Month! Send submissions to


Dr. Momentum said...

Nice angle!

David said...

Wow thanks Ron! Although, I think my wife Terrasa took that picture. The ship is fantastic and we've really been meaning to check out more of the city. When classes let out we'll have more time to come down and explore. You should give us a tour sometime.