Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wind Power or Hot Air?

Although I don't think I have a big enough yard for a wind turbine, because I live fairly close the water and 'enjoy' strongs breezes off of the Taunton River the idea of a wind turbine does appeal to me.

And it should! clean, 'green' and renewable wind power is something that just seems to make sense.

Amazingly someone in my neighborhood installed a turbine on top of a tall metal pole. I would drive by or walk by be just mesmerized by that spinning prop. However, after some really windy weather I notice that the pole was bent and a week or so later the whole thing was laying down in the yard, (I assume taken down for safety).
And now I come across an article on SouthCoast Today that reports that one company is being blamed for not living up to its promises. WindTech Co., a company owned by former state Rep. Mark A. Howland. is being accused of taking orders for windmills and not delivering on them and of installing windmills that didn't perform as promised.

It's a shame because I still feel that that wind power is exciting and viable energy source but if people are cashing in and failing to provide a quality product or to live up to their promises, well then who's going to want to give it a chance?


Roger Williams said...

Wind power certainly is exciting - especially if you hate birds!

I'll be supporting your sponsors by clicking your ads later on. It might even earn you a shiny new quarter.

Lefty said...

Buildings, cars, radio and electrical towers have all proven lethal to birds. For the most part newer wind turbines, properly cited, are fairly bird friendly. In fact the Audubon Society has declared it's support for wind power.