Monday, January 08, 2007

Who's Running for Mayor?

With the Christmas rush I didn't blog about Representative Bob Correia announcing his run for Fall River's top spot. I also didn't blog about how Al Alves, perhaps feeling forgotten with all the other announcements, 'officially' announcing his intentions after I thought he had done a pretty good job of announcing it the first time around.

So with 2006 ending with 4 candidates in the running, 2007 sees City Councillor Bill Whitty becoming the 5th candidate for Mayor.

It's interesting to note that some are speculation that Ed Lambert may not finish his term and that he'll leave for another position or resign due to scandal. If that were to happen, as City Council President, Bill Whitty would serve as acting mayor for the remainder of Lambert's term.


Roger Williams said...

Completely disregarding this topic, Fall River just got a shout out on Emeril Live, when native son Emeril Lagasse, preparing a dish with chourico, mentioned that his peeps back in Fall River pronounce it "shuh-reece".

Expect tourism to go up 1%.

Lefty said...

My kids thought is was funny we watched a movie with a girl that was name "Chourico"