Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where's the Outrage?

With 5 months to go, Morton Middle School has spent 80% of it's after-school program budget. Principal James Murano sent a letter to the School Committee that was read at last Monday's meeting, not to explain how he mismanaged $20,000 but to state that he would need $15-20,000 for the programs to continue. Mayor Lambert stated that Murano knew that the $25,000 was the budget for the entire school year and both he and superintendent, Dr. Fisher, stated that Morton would not be receiving more money.

Am I missing something here? We have a middle school principal that basically blew his after-school program budget in the first 4 months and other than the Herald News story I've barely heard a peep! How come I haven't read about upset parents in the paper? How come I haven't heard upset parents on the radio?

Where's the outrage!?

Have I missed it? If I was a parent of a Morton School student I would be furious that Mr. Murano implemented a program the school couldn't afford and now most likely won't be able to continue.

How ironic that the student's own newspaper highlights in it's first issue the popularity and positive influence of the after-school programs. The School Paper staff state, "All in all, the after school programs have transformed the social life here at Morton and increased school pride." and Principal Murano is quoted saying “I think it’s important for our students to have these programs so they have a place to go after school under adult supervision.” If he believed in them so much why didn't he work harder to make sure those funds were sufficient to last the entire school year?

If Morton Middle School's after-school programs are to continue for the remainder of the school year it will be because of the efforts of parents, area businesses and local leaders, not the principal that let them down.

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