Monday, January 22, 2007

What are Other People Writing About?

I've done enough writing over the last couple of days and it's time to take a break and catch up on what other people are blogging about. Here are some that caught me eye:

Flickr: Up close and personal - observations about getting to know someone before getting to know someone

The Birth of a Legend - The U.S.S Massachusetts, & “Kilroy Was Here”

5 Years of Aces - 10 days late but congratulations to Dr. Momentum on his anniversaries.

Time Inc. Layoffs vs. Bloggers - Papamoka offers a view of the relationship between bloggers and the mainstream media.

Fall River Line - Saying hello to a new blog with a great name!

How do you say "enough already" in Portuguese? - Roger Williams wonders just how many consulates do the Portuguese need?


Papamoka said...

Thank you for the permanent link to my site. I enjoy your writing and local political thoughts.

You can kick up the traffic to your site by getting a Technorati blurb. It will show you who links to you. That is how I found your great site.

Keep up the good work and blog on my friend!

Dr. Momentum said...

Thanks for the congrats!

Glad to have you reading!

Thanks, also for the links! New bloggers on the scene.

Lefty said...

Thanks papamoka for the compliment and thank you for the link on your blog.

And Dr. M., you are quite welcome. Your blog is sometimes serious, sometimes fun and always worth reading.

Roger Williams said...

Yeah, but where does he stand on telling the Portuguese to build a consulate in Fall River? Four in New England is NOT enough!