Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Here it is..the SouthCoast photo of the month.

This is one of the lanterns that sits out front of the Main Post Office in Fall River. Although you can't see it from the picture there is an interesting contrast between this building and the 70's modern styling of Fall River's Government Center which sits just adjacent.

The Post Office, which I believe was built in the 1930's, is certainly a reminder to a Fall River before highways cut through it and bottled up the might Quequechan River.

Looking at this photo, one can almost the rumbling of a Ford Model A and hear the gurgling of the waterfalls that were just down the street.

I hope to make the SouthCoast photo of the month a regular feature and invite you to share your photos. Please include captions and location information and any other background you feel would be interesting. Send photos to aviewfrombattleshipcove@gmail.com

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