Sunday, January 14, 2007

Politics and Political Speculation

With no new candidates officially entering the ring, this morning's Herald News goes over who may or may not be entering the mayoral race.

Nothing too exciting here, the paper mentions that Anthony Cordeiro and George Jacome are both considering a run but neither were ready to throw their hat into the ring. I've talked about both these gentlemen before. As I stated back in October:

Anthony Cordeiro is a prominent businessman. His belief and forward vision for Fall River is evident with a look at downtown. Cordeiro has built several new building and rehabbed several others. The big question is whether or not this business prowess translates into someone who could successfully run the city. Cordeiro has been rumored as a candidate since he had a falling out with the Mayor several months ago. In fact some say it is his support and ability to fundraise that have kept Ed Lambert in office. If Cordeiro does decide to run his reputation as a builder and his experience as a fundraiser will make him a viable candidate.

F. George Jacome is probably best known as the man who almost beat Ed Lambert back in 2003, losing by just under 1,000 votes. Jacome also lost to Lambert in 2005 and had a failed City Council bid in 2001. Still while it may seem odd for a three time loser to consider mounting another bid at public office, Jacome has constantly been praised as being a thoughtful candidate and certainly has motivated supporters.

Of the two I think Mr. Cordeiro is the stronger candidate, mostly because he is a proven fundraiser who can come up with the cash to launch a strong campaign and because he can point to a record of investing in an believing in the city, something that I think will resonate with voters.

Bottom line: I still say that successfully running a business is not the same as successfully running a city.

The question for F. George Jacome is how much of his success is due to his charisma, his energy, and his platform and how much is do to the fact that he's not Ed Lambert? Jacome ran a strong campaign against Ed Lambert and nearly unseated him, two years later Jacome barely squeaked by Henry Gillet in the primary and was soundly defeated by Lambert. Money certainly had something to do with that but with such a crowded field of candidates will a Jacome campaign be able to raise enough money to make it through a what is going to be a bruising primary and then have enough for the general election?

Bottom line: If Jacome really wants to win elected office in 2007, I think he should consider a run for the City Council.

While School Committee members Mark Costa, Shawn Cadime and Kevin Aguiar all denied any plans on running for Mayor, Aguiar was the only one who didn't confirm intentions to run for re-election to the School Committee.

Bottom line: Look for Kevin Aguiar to announce his candidacy for the City Council in the near future.

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