Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Herald News Announces 7th Candidate in Mayoral Race

The city Mayoral race has just gotten a bit more crowded according to the Herald News. Kenneth Medeiros, the 47 year old Fall River native who is credited with "helping politicians such as Carole Fiola, Edward M. Lambert Jr. and Thomas M. Hodgson get elected" is announcing his intentions to run for Mayor.

Mr. Medeiros believes change is needed and is quoted as saying "The city has come to a very bad place. Jobs have moved out and gangs have moved in, leaving our kids with little to look forward to." He also states that while he is opposed to the LNG project he believes that it will probably come to fruition, again according to the Herald News.

Lefty's View: The announced candidacy of the first five was absolutely no surprise and was actually pretty expected, but Eric Poulin and now Kenneth Medeiros?! Just how many people will end up falling from the trees and running for Mayor?

While it's actually quite nice to see so many people getting involved in local politics how long is it before we start seeing more candidates not only announce but actually start providing some real reasons of why they deserve our votes? So far only one candidate has actually thrown his platform out there

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Roger Williams said...

Lefty is clearly the only man with the vision ... the integrity ... the huevos to be el jefe of Fall River.

He'd have my vote for mayor if, you know, I lived in Fall River and stuff.