Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Casinos on the SouthCoast..Gambling with or for our Future

A recently released survey indicates that majority of Massachusetts residents would like to see a resort casino in the state with the Fall River/New Bedford area being viewed as a favorable location.

On this issue, I am not in the majority, Call it a gut-feeling but I have concerns that in our rush to embrace casinos as our ticket to prosperity, we will ignore the the troubles and social ills that often seem to come with them. I fear that our politicians in their efforts to bring a resort casino here will give away the farm and that voters and residents will get starry eyed over short term promises instead of long term solutions.
At the same time I recognize the tremendous amount of revenue that is generated by resort casinos and the belief that they can be a key in revitalizing an economy.

Dr. Momentum blogged about this yesterday, where late night, needing sleep and staring at my monitor bleary eyed I came across it and posted a comment. This morning, I find my comment inspired a new post. I stated that I wished someone would do the research and prove me concerns wrong, and Dr. Momentum has found some supporting data in favor of casinos that I hope will be the catalyst of further debate.

I invite anyone with an opinion on this to comment here and to visit the Aces Full of Links site.


Roger Williams said...

Gambling creates some job growth, and some tax revenue, but doesn't create anything by way of wealth to a local economy unless it's part of a much larger tourism economy (a la Las Vegas). Compare and contrast Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Lefty said...

I agree but for some reason studies backing this up don't seem to be easy to come by.