Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brad Kilby - "Uniquely qualified to lead Fall River"

With Kilby signs already spotted around the city it would seem that City Councilor Bradford L. Kilby is kicking things into high gear with a campaign website.

And while this looks pretty legitimate to me, I will say that I'm stumped by the website address, ( Maybe was already taken?

While the site appears to be still under construction it does list the Kilby campaign kickoff as being scheduled for February 9, 2007, has "Kilby on LNG", links to help register you to vote, and of course donate to the campaign!

***Update - thanks to the recent comment on this post, I've pointed all the hyper links to the Kilby campaign site.***


Shawn said...

Alas, you found the web designer's sample. It was intended for Brad Kilby's Office's eyes only.

The correct web site is:

Lefty said...

Thanks for the update Shawn..I've updated all the links to go to that address!