Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tiverton's Grand Central to Close

The Herald News reports that after more than 40 years the shelves will be empty and the lights will go off for the last time as Tiverton's Grand Central closes its doors for good this coming Tuesday.

Grand Central has been part of the area's landscape for the last 80 years when the first Grand Central opened in Fall River in 1926 and once boasted 3 locations before closing the Fall River store in 1977 and the Somerset store earlier this year.

I like Grand Central and pop in there several times a month to do everything from 'light' shopping to picking an item or two. For me it's conveniently located and shopping there is never a hassle or stressful experience. I'm truly sad to see it go.

Hopefully Trucchi's or some other local chain will show some interest in keeping a grocery store in Tiverton.


Dr. Momentum said...

Sad news. The wife and I were unhappy when the Somerset location closed; we were regular customers for small trips whenever we needed something quick, which was nearly every week.

Roger Williams said...

And The Rhode Islander has all the latest news and photos of this momentous event in Tiverton!

... OK, so that's a lie.

Lefty said...

I'm a little slow responding here...but I was shocked when Somerset's closed because what else is there in the end of town?

And I'm amused Roger that pimpled your blog on my, which pimps my blog on your blogs - I also enjoyed the coffee milk link.